Beginning of a New Chapter


As the new year starts, I am switching my blog from thestoriesofthycea.webs.com to this blog (writefortheking.wordpress.com.) There are several reason why I switched, and I cannot point to one reason as the main reason (though I tried– I really did, and ended up having to rewrite this sentence after I realized that I did not have a “main reason” for switching….) A couple of reasons are that I think wordpress works better for a blog than webs, and I wanted my blog to not just be about my Thycea series but also about my other writing passions like essays, short stories, and occasionally poetry. Another big factor is that I (finally) changed all of the names of the locations in my novel to match the Hebrew based theme (so my world is now called Nokri’ah instead of Thycea.) 


As for my writing, I am proud to say that I finally finished my edits of Livyahak (of course, if I get an agent and an editor, then I will have to go through edits again, but I am finally ready to start querying agents!) This draft ended up around 78,000 words, so it is the average length for a young adult novel, and, for those of you who read previous drafts, I added in at least two plot twists along with all the name changes, so it turned out to be 20 chapters plus an epilogue (instead of the previous 19 chapters with no epilogue.) And in the spirit of the new year, I am posting the second chapter of my novel at the end of this post (the first chapter can be found under “my novels” and just below the Livyahak summery.) I hope you enjoy it 😉


Now I will be working on querying agents (and writing book proposals and finding writing conferences) and writing the second book in the series, Flame Daughter. I am extremely excited about this book because it is written from Arkeh perspective. Though she is barely in Livyahak, she was originally the main character along with Baehur when my story was a single novel (not a series of four) and written in third person (I called it Setting Anwar Free– as you can see, I’ve never stuck with one name for any of my places or characters for too long….) I love her voice and personality, so I am excited to see how my new venture will turn out. I will keep you guys updated as things progress.


God bless,


Psalm 45:1


(Excerpt Removed. I may post the second chapter again later!)


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