A Quick Update on my Posting Schedule

I’m sorry that I have not posted for the past couple of days. Last week, I’ve really been slammed with school, got sick, and then had one of the biggest swim meets of my year. Maybe I’ll post pictures from the swim meet later this week 😉 And (unfortunately) this week is going to be almost more hectic as I have a big World History test and my grandparents are coming into town for my birthday, on Friday. So my posting might be a bit sporadic until next week, when I hope to be posting more consistently.

 Also I just have a quick update on the blog I wanted to let you guys know about:

I have created a Posting Schedule which you can find in the side bar on the right hand side. Monday, I plan on posting a “Personal” post and an update on my publishing journey. (A personal post might be something like pictures from a recent event, a “tour” of my bookshelf, list of my favorite books, or something along those lines.) On Thursday, I hope to post some type of interactive post for you guys to participate in; this might be a poll, a mini writing contest, a writing prompt, or a question like I did on the 2nd of February. Then Saturday, I will be posting a writing tip. Please note that there will be some weeks when I add a fourth post, but it will not be consistent like the others.

And since I am not posting anything fun today, here are a couple of post which should appear in the next few weeks, so you can look forward to them:

– A short story involved three of my villains! (Inspired by Athelas’ post on her blog, Red Lettering)

– 10 (or so) fantasy clichés and ideas to change things up!


Please feel free to let me know what you think of the types of posts I will be doing and which type is your favorite/you are looking forward to the most. Is there anything in specific which you would love to see me blog about?


God bless,



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