A Writing Prompt

For this Thursday post, I have found a quote and an interesting piece of art. So I would like to issue a little challenge to all of my readers.


If you are writing a novel, take four or five of your characters and place them in the situation of the girl in this piece of art below. If you are not writing a novel, you can make up four or five characters, take characters from another work of fiction (so you can turn this prompt into fan-fiction), or take character from your own short stories. Then put your characters in this girl’s situation:

This is by ricochet188 and can be found on ricochet188.deviantart.com. But be advised; I do not know this artist or their work, so if you choose to look them up, please be cautious.

Then either use this quote to inspire your story or include the quote in your story (your choice):

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.” ~ Unknown


Of course, you can write for this prompt whenever you would like, but if you write your story and either post it on your blog or in the comments before March 4th, I will post a link to your story on my blog and pick my favorite story. Now, I can’t guarantee that I will have a prize for the story I liked best, but if I you can give me some practical ideas for prizes, I will try to find one 😉

Write away, and I am excited to see what your characters and story!



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