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Character Interview: Mar Zaehav

I posted my first character interview with Baehur about a month ago, and several weeks back, I did an interview with Arkeh. So I thought it was about time that I interviewed my main character for my first novel, Mar Zaehav.

Mar is my “newest” character– as in the one whom I created the shortest time ago, and I’ve had a lot of trouble distinguishing her character. So if you have been a beta-reader for my novel, and you noticed that the Mar shown in this interview is different than the character you read about– you are right. I’m tweaking her character, and I’ll be editing my novel so that she has a slightly different character development than before.

As always, I hope you enjoy my “interview” with Mar, and  I really would love hearing your criticism of the character.

God bless,


This is how I picture Mar Zaehav– only she has two green eyes and a branded scar on right cheek. (The picture was is called -Allijay Creed – and it belongs to Anathematixs on Deviantart. Please use discernment if you choose to look this artist up as I do not know their other works.)

Character Interviews: Mar Zaehav

This rendering of my character I made using the website and Paint for my atrocious attempt at wings.
This rendering of my character I made using the website and Paint for my atrocious attempt at wings.

I drummed my fingers quickly on the scratched wood of my desk. Since I had been doing these character interviews, I had been putting this one off, but finally, my little sister addressed my procrastination.

It wasn’t that I did not like Mar Zaehav—no! I had even picked her as the main character for my first novel. No—as embarrassing as it is to admit—it was because I did not know he as well as my other characters. Though she was the only character which I had written an entire book about, she was also my “newest” character; I had been writing about all my other characters for, at least, three years before she came along.

Folding my hands, I groaned. Perhaps this interview would help me set apart Mar from the other characters. And if this interview did do what I hoped, then I would have to go through another round of edits. So for that reason, while most of my other interviews have taken place after the first book, this interview will take place just before the second chapter in my first novel when Mar is about fifteen years old. Unfortunately, this also means that Mar won’t know most of the other characters.

Just as I was about to slam my head against my desk, I heard a knock on the door. Jerking back upright, I called, “Come in.”

A smaller girl—about five foot four inches—walked in, and her quiet green eyes scanned the room. With her straight, dark red hair, she could have been an Eshaem elf, but the dragon wings which spread out behind her like a billowing cloud testified otherwise. Moreover, the large, venom-filled points which hung down from her wings were enough to five any elven child nightmares.

Mar was definitely no elf. She was one of Nakavar’s mutant creatures called Livyahaks.

“Why don’t you sit down?” I offered her a chair when she did not move as she continued staring at me with her sad eyes.

Nodding slightly, she folded her wings behind her back and sat down. If I did not know her, I would have thought she might start crying, but Mar never cried. Long ago, she resolved never to cry again.

“So what were you doing before I called you?”

Watching at me with a slight glint of curiosity, she replied in a strangely strong voice, “What I have been doing for the past seven years: studying in the pain room during the break between torture rounds.”

“I’m sorry, but things will get better.” So maybe all of her pain was my fault—I was the one who wrote her story—but I would still feel sympathy for her. However, I did not want to focus on the pain in her life or that stone room. If you want to know more about this stone room and its torture rounds, you can click here.

“Will I become a Delwic?” Mar’s eyes brightened and her gaze focused back on the present.

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.” I apologized and quickly changed the topic, “But could you tell us about the Syds and the Delwics?”

“Nakavar sorts the Livyahaks into two groups: Syds and Delwics. The Delwics are leaders with various rankings or are solo assassins. The Syds are just foot soldiers.”

I jotted down a few notes, but this was just basic information that I already knew. “And you’re a Syd?”

“Yes,” Her voice suddenly became firm and stronger than before. “But I will be a Delwic.”

“Can you move between the groups?”

Mar shrugged but did not seem demotivated. “I never heard of anyone moving between ranks, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it.”

“Right….” I muttered as I glanced over my questions which I had used for my other interviews: What is your family like? Where do you live? When did Karlik find you? They seemed too cruel to ask her, so I’ll answer them briefly here. Mar has no family as the Livyahaks are separated from their biological parents shortly after birth—for various reasons; none of the Livyahaks same Mar can feel sympathy, which can cause problems in the parenting area. She lives in the bottom of Black Towers, Nakavar’s underground breeding/training camp for his army. And at this point in the story, she has not met Karlik yet.

After a brief moment of silence, during which I frantically scanned by questions for an applicable one, I blurted out the first thing which came to my mind. “What is your favorite color?”

Alright, so maybe it isn’t the deepest question, but it is a start, and since there are only two Livyahaks (Mar and one other) who can actually see color, at least, I could pretend that it was deepish.

“I like them all, and I could never chose one. But I think my favorite colors would be the color of the sun or all of them together in a rainbow—I’ve never seen either of those two things, but I’ve seen pictures in books, and I would like to someday. I’m sure they would be beautiful.” A smile peaked out of the corner of Mar’s mouth, and her eyes glistened.

“Do you know the names of the colors?” I jotted down her response quickly—it has turned out to be more interesting than I had anticipated.

“I think I know most of their names—one of the Livyahak handbooks gave tips for the color blind to figuring out which color is which, since the other Livyahaks cannot see color—but I am not completely sure of any other colors besides green and blue.”

“I’m sure you will learn the colors, soon. So who are your friends?” Having located a question which would actually be applicable and not emotionally painful, I moved on.

“Shaelu’ is my only friend, but I don’t mind. I know that friends are weaknesses, and as a Livyahak, I technically shouldn’t have any, but I don’t know how I would get through it without her.” Mar paused for a moment and smiled a bit wider. “We don’t always agree—I’m more practical than she is—but she is the best thing I could ask for.”

After jotting down a few more notes, I asked her the next question. “What would you say are your weaknesses?”

Furrowing her pale brow, Mar frowned in concentration. “I’m not sure—that is a strange question. I suppose that having a friend is leverage which the enemy can use against me, and being only a Syd is a weakness. Oh, and Shaelu’ thinks I have become callous and unfeeling and more like the other Livyahaks.”

 Interesting analysis, I thought, She probably was unsure because she had never really been tested at this point. She had been isolated in a world—well, I knew she would soon find out her weaknesses really quickly once I destroyed her world—I wonder if she would choose that or not if she could…

Looking down at the last questions, I addressed the other part of my previous question, “And what are your strengths?”

Again, Mar looked confused, as if she was racking her brain for answers. After a moment, she answered. “Of course, I can feel sympathy unlike the other Livyahaks—at least, Shaelu’ tells me that is a strength. And I am determined, and I’ve think I have made myself pretty strong. Is that good enough?”

“Yes, thank you.” I smiled as I closed my notebook. “I’m glad you could talk with me. I hope you will be happy with the end I’ve written to your story.”

“I hope the end is happy.” Mar turned to leave, but her eyes locked on me as if she had more questions. However, I remained quiet; I couldn’t answer any of them for her—she would have to walk her own journey to discover the answers she wanted.


5 thoughts on “Character Interview: Mar Zaehav”

    1. I take back all my previous assessments of the personality types of my characters (now that I understand the system better.) I agree that Mar shows Te, but I am not sure that it is dominant. I will have to study her more.


      1. She is Te auxiliary. I said “almost” enough for dominant, but not quite, and she also seems fairly introverted, which further discourages typing her as a Te dominant. Right now I’m thinking ISTJ.


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