Infinity Dreams Award

I was “nominated” for this by my classmate, Grace, and I’m not sure if her blog is private or not, but here is a link to it anyways 😉 https://gracetfirefly.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/infinity-dreams-award-x2/

So I was instructed that the first thing I have to do with write eleven facts about myself. Well, here it goes:

  1.  Technically, I have hazel eyes, but they can look either pure gray or a mix of green and blue.
  2. I am extremely clumsy in real life– seriously, I have been known to fall over when I am just standing still, and once I managed to fall over while sitting down.
  3.  Even though I’m clumsy, I can walk the fence around my yard
  4. My favorite movies are Master and Commander, Gladiator, and Second Hand Lions
  5. I cannot stand the Hunger Games (sorry to all of you guys who are fans, but I hated Katniss and was stuck in her head for three whole books). I also can give you a ten minute speech defending this position. 😉
  6. Several years back, when my parents were redoing my room, I asked for a replica of Narsil instead of a nice chair like my sister got. I don’t regret anything. 😉
  7. I love to hunt and shot my first elk last October.
  8. I find debating and defending ridiculous ideas to be extremely entertaining. Once I creeped out my entire swim team by successfully arguing that killing can solve any problem (it could even get you a prom date and solve world peace!)
  9. As you can tell from the previous fact, I have a very twisted sense of humor. I also plan on world domination.
  10. My favorite civilization is the Ancient Greeks, but I also love Medieval Europe.
  11. I am a big enough Tolkien nerd that I have read his translation of Beowulf and Sir Gwaine and the Green Knight. I can also tell you what Eomer’s sword is called (Guthwine, in case, you were wondering.) And yes, I have read the Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin, The Unfinished Tales, The Lost Tales I and II, and The Hobbit, in addition to the LOTR trilogy.

Now, apparently, I am supposed to answer Grace’s questions for me.

  1. What is one of your favorite/craziest/worst dreams you’ve ever had? (You can answer as many as you want and/or as apply.) Hum… my favorite dreams has to be when I am on some adventure with my favorite fictional characters or my best friends. I’ve had some pretty crazy dreams– strangely most of them revolve around cats– but I can’t remember the details, and I’d rather not address my worst dreams!
  2. Have you ever met any well-known people (even if this is just well-known in your general area)? Actually, I  have. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lee Strobel twice (he wrote the Case for Christ and other books), and I’ve actually helped teach his granddaughter to write (that felt very strange!) I’ve also met some pretty awesome athletes: I went to a swim clinic run by Olympic Medalist, Ed Moses, and one of my very good friends is Brickelle Bro, a para-olympian who set a couple American Records in her category. (This is a bit random, but I just found out that my next door neighbor actually meet and got to talk with ROBERT FROST!!!! Isn’t that just so cool?!)
  3. What is your middle name (no I’m not stealing it! I’m just borrowing it, you might say)? I’m actually cracking up now, Grace. You wrote these questions and threatened to steal my middle name. Actually, you have.  My middle name is Marie, too. It means bitter and rebellious– just marvelous right?
  4. Would you rather be able to go into any picture and walk around in that world, or go into any fictional world at a time where the characters you know of are either dead or not born yet? Definitely go into a fictional world– even if my favorite characters aren’t there. I’ve never been a huge fan of art, anyways. And– I mean– who doesn’t want to travel Middle Earth?
  5.  Who’s your favorite Avenger? Or, if you don’t do Marvel, your favorite superhero. Or your favorite, um, superpower. Or all of the above, I’m being generous today. =) Captain America, for sure. I’m a sucker for a bit of old fashioned patriotism and honor. And if I could have any super power, it would either be to understand and know anything simply by touching it or, if that is too powerful, to control water.
  6. Do you watch Studio C and/or Blimey Cow? I do watch Blimey Cow occasionally. Their homeschooling videos are priceless! But I have never heard of Studio C.
  7. What’s your favorite YouTube channel (aside from those in #6)? I actually try not to watch too much YouTube, so I really only watch Blimey Cow and listen to music videos while I am doing school.
  8. What song most often gets stuck in your head? Hum. Strangely enough, I rarely get songs stuck in my head. The only ones I can remember are “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” (and all three verses– I have them memorized), “Cruella De Vil” (a bit random),and most recently “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. The last one isn’t a Christian song and doesn’t have a Christian message, so I have to be careful to remember that there is hope for us in Christ and the community of the church, but sometimes that song really reflects how I feel (which is why I need the logical reason of Christianity and not fickle emotions!)
  9. Would you rather meet a movie star or a writer? Writer. Hands down. There isn’t even any doubt in my mind.
  10.  Referencing your answer to #9, who would you meet? I would have to say C. S. Lewis. I just read Till We Have Faces (and it is my new favorite book), and I really admire his apologetic work. But there are so many who I would like to meet (like Tolkien, Mary Shelley, and Shakespeare– seriously, what was that guy actually like?)
  11. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? 0=D Lord of the Rings. (Sorry, Joel’ika.) The world building and plot has such mastery in it, and I love the characters (Meriadoc and Faramir are the best.) But I’m also a huge fan of the Republic Commando novels (Seriously, don’t write them off as bad fan novels– they are the definition of Kandosii! The culture building of the Mandalorians– think Jango Fett if you aren’t a Star Wars nerd– and the vast variety of the characters are really amazing. Seriously, the cast of characters is huge and each one is amazing and realistic.)

Now, apparently, I have to nominate several people to do this. I’m not sure if you guys have done this yet, but if you have, then ignore this! Here are my nominations:

Raychel Rose (http://raychelrose.wordpress.com)

Bri (http://theworldofthewriter.wordpress.com)

Athelas Hale (http://craftingstoriesinred.wordpress.com/)

And my eleven questions for them are:

1. Who is your favorite fictional character (or your favorites)?

2. What is your favorite food to eat while writing? Or do you prefer to eat while you write?

3. If you were trapped on an island and could only bring one book besides the Bible what would you bring? Also if you could bring one other item, what would you bring?

4. Is the book you answered to #3 your favorite book? If not, then what is your favorite book?

5. Do you prefer to plot or pants your novels?

6. If you could shape-shift into one animal, then what would it be?

7. What is your favorite word? (I always love hearing people’s answer to this!)

8. If you lived in Ancient Greece, who do you think you would be? What type of a person would you want to be?

9. Ice cream or cake? And what is your favorite type?

10. Do you have a favorite historical character?

11. And– let’s see– what is your favorite weapon for a fictional hero?

Well, this has been fun. I hope you all have a great week, and please– any of you– feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments. 😉 Hopefully, I will have my Raewas interview posted Saturday.

God bless,



10 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award”

  1. Ooh, fun questions! 😀 High five for Captain America! Thanks for the nomination, hopefully I’ll get to do it! Also, I would like to hear this argument about how killing people could get you a prom date. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Gigi! Studio C is really funny, you should definitely check out one of their videos. If you can only watch one; watch the Avengers, Age of Ultron parody. Its the best.
    Also I agree with you on Captain America. He is definitely the best superhero.
    7. My favorite word is Hullabaloo, which means a confused noise.
    9. I would definitely choose cake every time. My favorite is vanilla with chocolate frosting. 😀
    3. If I was trapped on an island I would probably bring Swiss Family Robinson, so I can be prepared and use their clever ideas. I would also bring a plate that is always full(bottomless).


    1. Hey, Alison!
      I’ll check Studio C out this weekend, and I’ll let me little sister know about them, too. I know she loves stuff like that.
      High five for Captain America!
      I love that word, too, but my English favorite word has to be “ululation” (a wolf like howl) or “plethora” (an assortment of something.) However, my favorite word is “nifla’.” It is Hebrew and means “wonderful” in the sense that something was so challenging it was wonderful.
      Oh! Thanks for mentioning that book. I haven’t read it in a long time, but I remember loving it. Another book for my summer reading list!


  3. Is it bad that all of your random facts that situations permit apply to me, too, and the ones that I haven’t had the opportunity for, I sympathize with? Funny how clumsiness and acrobatic skill can go hand in hand.

    If you really think it, the ability to go into a picture actually includes the ability to go into a fictional world. Just have someone cosplay one of the characters and take a picture of them, and then go into the picture.

    I think a change needs to be made to this “award,” so that you have to answer your own questions, too.


    1. Ha! That is funny, Zane.
      Hum, that might be true, but since that person cosplaying the character isn’t actually the character, wouldn’t you just be stuck in a world with the cosplaying person and not the character? In which case, wouldn’t you already have been in the same situation when you took the picture!
      Alright. I’ll answer my questions briefly below:
      1. Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) is my absolute favorite, but I also love Faramir (LOTR), Edmund Dantes (Count of Monte Cristo), and Ordo Null-11 (Clone Commando books.)
      2. Goldfish crackers and Jolly Ranchers
      3. Hum, probably The Silmarillion so I could study it in depth and learn elvish. My other item would be a machete. (I’d say an airplane to get off the island, but honestly, I’m not sure I would want to leave…)
      4. No. My favorite book is Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis
      5. Plot
      6. I’m with Raychel– being a mermaid would be awesome. But if we are only doing real animals, then I would be a golden eagle.
      7. Ululation (English), plethora (English), or nifla (Hebrew)
      8. I would be one of the philosophers in the forum.
      9. I love both almost equally, but I have to say that my mother’s pound cake is amazing.
      10. Jonathan Edwards
      11. Claymore (a type of sword)

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    2. I don’t think you would be in a world with a cosplayer if you went into a picture of a cosplay. Think about it this way. If you see an illustration in a book, you say it is an illustration of what happened in the book. If the illustration was drawn with someone posing, you still say it was an illustration of what happened in the book. If someone decided, instead of having someone draw the pictures for his book, to take pictures of people recreating the scenes, and put them in the book for illustrations, wouldn’t you still call it a picture of what happened in the book? And how is going into a picture of a cosplay any different?


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