Character Interview

Character Voting!


Since I have finished my series of “interviews” with with my four main characters, I would really love to hear who is your favorite and who you are least inclined towards. You can vote in the poll below, or you can explain why you like/dislike the characters in the comments. Seriously, as an INTJ (my personality type), I kind of appreciate criticism more because it tells me where I can make my characters better 😉

If you need a refresher on the characters, here are links to all of their interviews.

Mar Zaehav




Also I will be posting this poll at the very bottom of every interview, and I may do several most interviews over this summer with some of the supporting characters (specifically the ones in the banner up top.)

Thank you for taking the time to read these interviews and vote; it really means a lot to me 😉

God bless,



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