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Titling Problems


So I’ve been banging my head against my best for– not hour or days or even months– but over a year trying to figure out what I should call my novel.

I could go for the simple, mysterious “Livyahak” since my made up creatures play a major role. But then very few people would be able to pronounce my novel’s name. (By the way, it is said LIVE (as in “to live”) yah hawk.)

Or I could go for the poetic “Remember the Crossroads.” It fits my theme and sounds nice. But of course, it doesn’t tell you anything about my plot or that my novel is fantasy.

“Child of the Curse” doesn’t sound as good but lends itself to fantasy. But when I keep with the theme and name all my novels in this fashion, then it sounds awkward (Daughter of the Flame, Son of the Seas, and Heir of the Moon.)

Grey. Perhaps I could do something with the color grey– that plays a big role in my novel. Only there is an explicit novel and movie which is also named after that color, and I don’t want any association with that!

Great. Just great. I managed to write 80,000 words, but I can’t come up with three more.

I’m sure that a other writers feel the same way and face the same daunting challenge. So I have a small bit of encouragement for us.

Don’t worry about titling your novel. Just don’t.

A best-selling writer friend of mine told me that she no longer even bothers titling her novels. Why? Because literary agents almost always change the title.

Of course, since I, an unpublished author, don’t have her sparkling platform and reputation, I will need a title just to query agents. However, she advised me not to worry about it. Apparently, the agents care more about what is inside your novel than what it is called.


So I just wanted to encourage anyone else struggling with titling issues: don’t stress about it. If you plan on pursuing traditional publishing, then your agent will probably change your title. If you plan on self-publishing, then worry about it later 😉

Of course, I plan on ignoring this advice and spending many more hours uselessly worrying over my title. :p

Do you have a title for your current work in progress, or are you struggling to find one? I’d love to hear about your word wrestling; I am sure that I’m not the only one.


Also for the next two weeks, my internet connection is going to be sketchy. So I will not be posting on a schedule. Hopefully, I will find places where I can post, but I may not be able to. Sorry! Everything should be back to normal by the beginning of June.

God bless,



3 thoughts on “Titling Problems”

  1. I’m the type of person who can’t begin a project unless I have a decent title. For whatever reason, it helps me focus and keeps me engaged in the writing process. However, I agree with your friend: agents (and publishers) love to change titles, so fretting over it might not matter too much at this stage.


    1. I only write required essays, but I always wait until the end to title it. I’m completely inexperienced when it comes to novels, though.


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