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Thank you for being patient with me as I stopped posting for two weeks. I really needed to focus on traditional publishing and spending time with my family. I know it is boring for you guys, but I think it was really good for me, and I feel great and ready to post again!

In case, you are wondering, I got out over 7 queries while I was gone along with sending a publisher my full manuscript along with several other documents. I’ve been updating the page for Child of the Curse, so you can check that out to see how many queries I have sent and what types of responses I have received. Also, I finally put together a fiction proposal for Child of the Curse (writing a market plan is just as hard as it sounds, but I found writing an author biography is just as trying!)

So this upcoming week and next week, I have some exciting plans for the blog! First, I will be starting a critique group for young writers called “Open Pen” (it is modeled after Bryce’s idea of the same name over at his blog, The Art of Uncouth.) Please be looking for that; I think it will be really fun! Hopefully, it will be up and running by Thursday.

Also I am excited about some of the post I planned for this week including “15 Things that I Love about Writing,” “Having a Cultural Focus in your World Building,” and an atypical post about why INTJ personality types tend not to be religious (the statistics interested me, so I wanted to address it.)

Please let me know about what you are most looking forwards to and if you have any questions which you would like be to explore.

Have a great day! God bless,



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