Camp Nanowrimo Begins (July 2015)

Camp Nanowrimo BeginsI am so excited for this month because I am finally going to begin writing my second novel. Hold all the editing. Hold the querying. Hold the school work. I am back to writing =D

Camp Nanowrimo is a month long program with the goal of writing a novel in a single month. It takes place in April and July (along with another version which happens during November and February.) The participants set goals for how many words they want to write in the month, and they get to accomplish their goals every day. The community is fantastic, and during the camp versions, the writers get shorted into small, online “cabin” where they can chat and challenge other writers. You can read more about it here: About Camp Nanowrimo.

This month, I probably won’t be writing a whole novel, but my goal is to write 50,000 words of the second novel in my Stories of Nokri’ah series called Daughter of the Flame. If I accomplish my goal, then I should only have around 30,000 words left to write. You can read more about this novel here on my blog or over on my camper page.

I am actually a bit nervous for this month. I have only succeed in Nanowrimo once before (November 2013), and that time, my goal was only 30,000 words. Moreover, I have not properly written narrative prose since then. Ouch. I have only been editing, writing essays, and blogging (with the exception of two short stories that I wrote two months ago.) So I will need to get rolling and inspired again. Hopefully, my muse will arrive soon. 😉 Any times for locating a muse? I could sure use them!

If you are doing Camp Nanowrimo, I would love to hear about your projects and get in touch over at camp! I am always up for word wars 😉

If you want to message me over at camp, my username is dryadwriter.

Looking forwards to seeing you guys at camp!

God bless,




8 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo Begins (July 2015)”

  1. I’m doing Camp Nano this month too! (my user name is my pen name, ccgaylord). I’m going to work on a totally new project too so I’m really nervous (and so far I don’t even have a complete sentence written). However, my word count goal is a little lower–only 25,000–so I’m hoping to make it. See you on the forums!


    1. Cool! So how has your new project been going? I’m not sure if I could have the self control not to start my novel before camp nanowrimo– I always get too impatient and begin a few days early :p

      I’ll send you a message, and we can chat over there! Good luck with your novel!


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