15 Things that I Love About Writing

So I was tagged for this by Raychel Rose—oh, about a month ago. Unfortunately, I was not one of those people blessed with the power of observation, so I am finally getting to it now 😉

Raychel Rose ©2015

Here are Raychel’s instructions:

  1. Just know that if you can’t come up with 15, that is fine, but keep the title the same so I can find it.
  2. Comment below if you do do it so I can read it!
  3. Save the image and put it in your post with the caption of Raychel Rose ©2015
  4. Link this post in your post, please.
  5. Tag as many other people as you want.



So here are 15 things that I love about being a writer:

  1. I get to watch my characters come alive. It is almost like having best friends whenever you need one. Bad day? I’ll just go dragon riding with Baehur or sword fighting with Amets.
  2. I can go on any adventure I want (and be a mermaid if I so choose.) If I can write it, I can live it. Science fiction, fantasy, historical, adventure, mystery, romance—anything!
  3. I have a really good excuse to read: “I have to read lots of books to be a good writer!” It is just great 😉 (A little side note: if you are looking for amazing YA Christian Fantasy, you have to read the Blood of King trilogy by Jill Williamson! I am in the midst of reading it, and it is one of the best I have ever read!)
  4. When my world is falling apart, I can always write about a better one or write about my own struggles. Then somehow I feel better. As C. S. Lewis puts it: “Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing: ink is the great cure for all human ills, as I have found out long ago.”
  5. Going to writers meetings. It is so much fun to go to the library to meet with other writers, discuss the craft, and eat food. If you don’t belong to a writer’s group, then I would highly suggest it.
  6. I can inspire others. So this hasn’t happened much—yet, but I vividly remember one of my friends telling me that I inspired him to start writing a novel, and with a few of my devotionals, I have seen God work in other people’s lives through me.
  7. Jolly Ranchers, Charleston Green tea, goldfish crackers, and the clicking of the keys on my keyboard. Tell me there is anything better. I dare you. Writers get the best food to go with the work!
  8. It is humbling. I’ll be honest: any achievement can go to my head. But writing is different. I used to hate writing, and now that I do write (and though some miracle, I love it now), I watch God work through what I consider my worst posts or worst pieces of writing (those that I spend 15 minutes on at 11:00 at night.) I get to watch truly terrible stories be transformed during editing. And I know it isn’t me.
  9. I can speak my thoughts. I am a very opinionated person, but I also want to help others find the truth. Writing gives me a chance to do that.
  10. I get to meet really awesome people! Before I became a writer, I never knew that so many awesome teens existed! Raychel Rose is so determined and inspiring; Proverbs31teen has such a fun personality and impressive dedication; Aberdeen and Alex Mertz have this infectious Christian passion, and all the rest of you are just purely amazing. The writing community is fantastic!
  11. I get to be critiqued and talk to some of my favorite authors. Lots of really amazing authors are super supportive of aspiring authors! It is so cool to actually hold a conversation with your favorite author about writing!!!
  12. Writing in the sunshine with a nice notebook, my favorite pen, and a cat on my lap. Need I say more?
  13. I get to be inspired by authors who have gone before me. Before I started writing, I never knew that Tolkien was rejected over 200 times before he found someone to publish Lord of the Rings, or that Strider just walked into his book, Tolkien having no idea who this mysterious character was! Even better, I get to hear stories about teens like me who succeeded and became published and successful!
  14. Nanowrimo/Camp Nanowrimo. It is so much fun, and the community is great. It pushes me to write massive amounts of words which I never thought possible, and the results are awesome to see!
  15. I ask God questions… and then I watch myself write His answers. In my writing, I start a story or a devotional by asking God a question, and then I just keep writing. It is so cool because, by the end, I have written God’s answer to my question. It is really awesome to see the Holy Spirit answering.

Now, I am nominating GraceAthelas Hale,  Eowyn, Proverbs31TeenBryce, and any others who want to do it! Let me know if you decide to write about your 15 things because I would love to read it, but please don’t feel obligated 😉

God bless,



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