Incoherent Panic (aka Camp Nanowrimo)

Unfortunately, this is the only post you are going to get from me until Saturday. It is a meager update on my progress during Camp Nanowrimo and my life in general. I have a bunch of really cool posts that I am excited to write, but as for now, all of my spare time needs to be put towards making my word count.

my word countSaturday, my “cousins” came into town. They are so much fun, and their grandparents/my next door neighbors have an awesome week planned for us. The only issue– I have a word count to make. Also I am already behind.

< See? I need a bit of help, but look at how well my cabin is doing in general! Three cheers for my awesome cabin mates!!!

Camp has really been awesome, and I have written approximately 20k words so far this month (I had a couple thousand written before the month started which I added into my word count when I first began to fall behind….) However, as one of my best friends would say, I can still “panic incoherently.”

So I am writing and panic incoherently (seriously my writing isn’t even coherent now!), and I probably won’t have a proper blog post until my cousins leave. So, tell you what, how about you just float here (on my blog) and panic incoherently while you’re waiting (for a blog post)? (In case you didn’t get that reference, it is a slightly modified version of a quote from a character called RC-8015 Fi from Karen Travis’ novel, Triple Zero.)

The only fun thing which I can give you wonderful followers is that I modified my tabs/pages. Now there is a “About My Writing” tab with a newly modified “My Characters/Extras” page. I had a lot of fun making it, and I would love it if you checked the character page out (especially if you voted on your favorite character.) It looks a lot nicer than it did before!

So I go to shut off my internet and write like a maniac. See you later! As a parting gift, I give you this beautiful message which the program I use gives me whenever I kill the internet:

ShuttingdowntheinternetMay God have mercy on my soul! 😛

P.S. I did not use spell check on this post, and I did not even read over it before I clicked publish. So now you understand the extent of my writing coherency at the moment.

Here is a beautiful picture that my friend made for me! And yes, that is a scull up top. If you read the books, you would understand.
Here is a beautiful picture that my friend made for me! And yes, that is a scull up top. If you read the books, you would understand.

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