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The Future of Open Pen

Hello, fellow writers!

Those of you familiar with my blog know that I try to post pieces of other writer’s work to be critiqued by myself and others on Saturday (that would be today, if you are one of those people have lost track because of summer.) Through my program “Open Pen” (you can find it by click on the tab at the top of this page), I invite writers to submit an excerpt of their writing (prose or poetry), and I and other commenters will critique it.

However, I do not have any submissions to post today, and I did not have any last Saturday either.

So I would love to hear from my followers and anyone who stops by what they think of “Open Pen.” While I doubt that any of you hate it, I would like to figure out if it is worthwhile for me to continue doing. If you would answer the poll below (and comment if you have more to say), I would really appreciate it.

Oh, and trust me; you can’t offend me with any answer that you give. I am an INTJ (personality type), so I will consider your feedback, positive or negative, and act logically on the conclusion that I gather from it. Truly, you could tell me that “Open Pen” is a terrible idea, and I would just nod and store your opinion in with the other ones which I gather. So please be honest. I would really appreciate it!

This poll will be open until the 8th of August. If I don’t have any submission by next Saturday, then I will post a piece of my own writing. If I still don’t have any submissions by the following Saturday, then I will reevaluate the critique group and possible get rid of it. If I do get rid of “Open Pen,” then I will find something else to post on Saturdays πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

God bless,



13 thoughts on “The Future of Open Pen”

  1. I’ve used it before, and it was great! I just think it would be good to get the news out more, because this would work great, as long as we have a larger group of people participating.
    Maybe encourage those who would like to see it to continue to reblog or link the open pen post on their own blog….


  2. I would love to be a part of Open Pen and I’ve been thinking of submitting a piece, however what’s really stopping me is having to critique others’ work beforehand, not that I mind critiquing, I would love to do it, but the previous entries have been lengthy and I have little time during the day to read a long piece and get my thoughts together for a coherent critique.
    Therefore I personally would love for you to continue Open Pen, but perhaps change around the rules or something. That’s my honest opinion. =)


    1. Thanks for letting me know, NightSky. (Is it okay if I call you NightSky? It sounds so much cooler than Victoria πŸ˜› !) I still really want to encourage those who submit to critique beforehand, so I think I will clarify that you only have to make one constructive comment– even on something small about only one (or more) of the previous submissions. Would that help you?


      1. You’re welcome! (And yes, I totally love that; please call me whatever you like. =D) I think that would help very much! Thank you so much for trying to make it better for everyone. =)


  3. I completely agree with Victoria and writefury. I love the idea of submitting my own writing to it, but I honestly don’t have time to read everyone else’s and critique them. I want to do them justice and not just write “it was awesome!!!!!!” but I have to prioritize my time. Of course, I understand that you want everyone to participate and have more than one critique. Maybe require only one (or more, of course) critique on someone else’s piece? I also like the idea of asking people to reblog their piece’s critique. The person who submits a piece could reblog with the message, “Please come over and help critique my piece!” That would alert more people to Open Pen’s presence, and it would hopefully solve the problem of people not critiquing. Just my two cents. πŸ™‚


    1. That is a great suggestion, Aberdeen! Thanks you. I think I will do that. Also reblogging is a great idea. Perhaps, I will make a blog post which gives the basic idea of Open Pen so it is easy to reblog. Thanks again for letting me know what you think.

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  4. I’m excited at the thought of sharing my work; yet I’m new to blogging. Could you specify the length of the work we may submit and any other restrictions regarding it? Also how I should go about submitting a piece…
    If you have an already set up article etc. explaining these things, it would be great to know how I can find it. πŸ™‚


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