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50,000 Words: Winning Camp Nanowrimo

Yesterday I finally reached my word count! I’ve won Camp Nanowrimo July 2015!

For those of you who are not familiar with Nanowrimo, it stands for “National Novel Writing Month.” It is mainly online, but many areas also offer writing groups during the month, specially for those doing Nanowrimo. The goal is to write a novel in a single month, and the normal word count goal is 50,000. Here is a link to their website: Nanowrimo is actually in November, but they also have mini version of it such as Camp Nanowrimo in April and July where you can set lower word count goals.

This month my goal wFinalWordCountas to write 50,000 words by the end of it, but you can probably see that my statistic show something strange. I had 9,444 words written of my story before the month began, and because I was at a really awesome camp for the first five days of the month, had cousin in town for another week, and several other issues, I cheated and added those into my word count. So I really only wrote 41kish.

So this month, I worked on my second novel, Outside the Sword Bereavesand I learned a lot about it. First, I discovered that I did not like the title “Daughter of the Flame,” so I changed it, though I am not sure this title is much better. Oh, well. I also discovered that this novel would not end up around 90k as I had planned– it looks like it will be around 125k which is 45k more than my first novel! I only got to chapter 8. Oh, well. Also I am going to have to do some serious editing for this novel. Oh, well.

Here I am at my writing desk on Wednesday when I wrote 3k in one day (it was a lot for me ;) )
Here I am at my writing desk on Wednesday when I wrote 3k in one day (it was a lot for me!)

On Wednesday, I encountered a bit of a set back. Tuesday night at swim practice, I jammed my finger into the wall (we were doing fun “dolphin dive” relays), and I think that I fractured it (I have fractured a finger before, so we are not going to the doctor this time since they take x rays and then literally do nothing for you.) But my team did win in relay in case you were wondering!

So that has complicated typing a bit, especially since the finger splint is really huge. Strangely enough, I wrote the most since I messed up my finger.

Anyways, I had a really awesome “cabin” of other teen writers, and a lot of us made our goals! Yay!

Here is my clunky, no-good-for-typing finger splint, but at least, my family had something to use!
Here is my clunky, no-good-for-typing finger splint, but at least, my family had something to use!

I am curious how many of you guys reading this did Camp Nanowrimo this month. How did you guys do? Or if you did not do camp, did you get any writing done? And congratulations to any of you who wrote at all this month! Any writing is good!

Here are two little things from my writing for you to enjoy. I really appreciate all of you who follow my blog; you guys are so awesome! Also I will be back to posting writing tips on Monday– thanks for dealing with this little post about my writing.

The first thing is this silly sample of my thoughts while I was writing Wednesday. I thought I would chronicle them here instead of worked on my word count that day. Maybe you guys can relate to some of them (or maybe I am the only one– you never know.)

I don't know if you can tell, but my finger finger (not the one with the actual ring, though) is swollen and a bit blue around the knuckle. It was beautiful!
I don’t know if you can tell, but my ringfinger (not the one with the actual ring, though) is swollen and a bit blue around the knuckle. It was beautiful.

– WHAT AM I DOING? I am a terrible writer. I literally started two sentences in a row with the word “fortunately.”

– Why did I have to write in first person? I honestly hate most books written in first person. Why did I think this was a good idea. Also typing the capitol “I” is a real pain with a finger splint– it is both physically pain and difficult to manage. i hate everything.

– Nope! Typing without the finger splint is definitely worse!

– (At this point, my little sister interrupted my writing) My little sister is a terrible person. I will not write a scene where Raewas,  one of my characters, knocks out Arkeh, another one of my characters– no matter how funny it would be. I have no idea how that thought even came into her mind.

– This dialogue sucks. I am going to deleted it as soon as the month is over.

– I need food– but not until I write 1000 words first. Why have I only written 80 words today? Ugh..

– That word you are looking for? Yeah, it would be “forgotten” not “unrememberable.” Moron.

– This listing of my thoughts is just distracting. I think I have written more here than my actual story. May I will include blog posts in my word count…. no, that would be cheating and defeat the purpose… ugh

My second thing from my writing is a really fun sparing/fist fight scene that I got to write. Maybe I will cut it later, but I just had too much fun letting two of my characters vent their anger physically on each other 😛 Of course, it is a first draft, so the writing is terrible, but maybe you can enjoy it anyways. Here is a link to a PDF of the scene: A “Sparing” Scene from Outside the Sword Bereaves by Gabrielle Massman

Have a blessed weekend, and I will “see” you guys Monday!



13 thoughts on “50,000 Words: Winning Camp Nanowrimo”

  1. Yay! Good job! I definitely share your pain with the finger thing. I was in the middle of writing a story when I crashed roller skating and jammed my finger. It was too swollen to move for like a month. 😛


    1. Ouch! I am actually thinking that I jammed it now. It has almost been a week, and I have regained some mobility in my finger (though it still hurts.) When I fractured my finger, the recovery was slower. So that is good news for me!


  2. Hi Gabrielle! Well done with your writing.

    I’ve never heard of Nanowrimo… but after reading about it here, I got curious. I was checking out the website, yet I’m still a little confused and hesitant to sign up for November. I have so many questions and concerns… I was wondering if you have any advice pertaining to it? Would you mind if I lobbied some of my questions at you?


    1. Of course, I would love to answer your questions! I would highly recommending Nanowrimo (and the November version is the largest each year– in fact, the library in my area organizes a contest along with meeting for writers and speakers.) However, it does take a lot of time. Out of curiousity, are you 17 or younger? Because Nanowrimo, has a “Young Writer’s Program” which allows you to make smaller word count goals.


      1. Thank you! I’m actually 19, I’ve no clue as to the requirements for this…so presently I’m just dipping my toes in the water to test things out.

        I think my biggest concern is whether we have to post our writing on the site. I like people reading my work, but I’m not confident enough to post on such a large forum. I think there was also a mention of something along the lines of teams and library access – do I need to connected to a group for this or is it purely online and singular?

        It honestly confuses me how nervous I am to sign up for this – yet I think it’s good to know what I’m getting myself in to. Thanks for your help 🙂


      2. Don’t worry, Micahla; it is good to be cautious! I don’t mind answering your questions at all.
        You do not have to post any of your writing on the site. There are a couple of forums where you can post excerpts of your story (if they are less than 1000 words), but that is only if you want to. As to your second question, you don’t have to connect with anyone outside of signing up on the website. There are fun groups of writers doing Nanowrimo (and occasional local contests) through the libraries and writer’s groups. However, you don’t have to do any of those– they are just extra and fun if you want a real life community of writers in addition.


  3. Congratulations! And I’m so sorry about your finger—I can relate slightly, because both my arms had tendonitis. Youch. >.< And your thoughts—oh, so relatable and hilarious. xD


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