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Open Pen: Continuation and Participation?

Almost three weeks ago, I posted asking you guys what you thought about Open Pen, a critique opportunity/group on this blog (you can see the post here and for those of you who are new, Open Pen is where you can submit a piece of your writing for myself and others on this blog to critique. You can read more about it and submit your work here.) The response from the majority of you was that you wanted to use it. Some of you guys even gave helpful suggestions about how to make Open Pen easier to use.

Though I have yet to receive a critique submission since then, I have decided to keep it running, but I am made a few changed and am going to make a humble request for your help running it.

First Victoria Nightsky mentioned that having to do a full critique on someone’s excerpt took up a lot of time for us teenagers who are running busy lives. I agree, and honestly, I never expected anyone (besides myself) to do a full critique. So I want to make it clear: when the requirement asks that you “critique” someone else’s work, please understand that all you have to do is post a single, constructive comment on another writer’s work. You are welcome to do more, but you don’t have to!

Also Writefury suggested that I ask those of you who want to see Open Pen continue to spread the word about it. I would love to see Open Pen turn into a fun, thriving community of writers– especially young writers– who give honest critiques of each others’ work. I feel a bit awkward asking you guys to spread the word, and you definitely have no obligation to do so, but here are a few easy ways if you feel like it:

  • Post on your blog about Open Pen. I have already written a description of Open Pen, so you can just copy and paste it. Click here to open the description in a PDF: Open Pen Summary and Important Links
  • Pin the Open Pen picture (which links to the page). Here is a link to the pin: Open Pen Pin
  • Tweet about it/post on Facebook/Tumbler/anything else. Honestly, I have no idea how those social networks work, but if you can put in a link, then link to this page, not the post you are reading right now.
  • Email your writer friends. To make it easy for you, I would give you a formula e-mail to do this, but frankly, formula e-mails from friends promoting stuff really suck. Don’t be that friend, please. Only e-mail your friends that this might benefit them and your e-mail is genuine– or just don’t do this option.

Thank you guys for giving me feedback on Open Pen, and I hope it is a blessing to you. Please don’t feel any obligation to spread the news about Open Pen or any guilt that you are not. Seriously, I am only giving you guys the opportunity to promote it because some of you mentioned it.

Also I will have a normal writing tip Monday. I am sorry that I did not post Thursday, but this week has been a bit rough.

God bless,



24 thoughts on “Open Pen: Continuation and Participation?”

      1. Here’s the code:

        <a href="; target="_self"><img src="; alt="OpenPen" width="125" height="125" /></a>

        So, what you need to do for that. Get a “Text” widget and paste that text there under the title of something like “Spread the word!” or “Grab the open pen button!”. What it should show up as is the picture with a little bit of text underneath. So, if people copy that text it’ll show up as just a plain button.


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