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My favorite season has always been fall.  The oppressive heat of the summer is gone, and a cool breeze is waking everything up and stirring the falling leaves. It has always seemed to me like a time to begin again and start fresh.

So, in the spirit of autumn, I am going to make a few changes to my posting schedule and the type of posts that I put up on this blog. I believe it will change this blog for the better, but I would love to hear your feedback about this blog in general and my changes.

There are three major motivation for these changes, and I would love for you guys to understand them first:

  1. I have been struggling of late to find good things to post writing tips about, and you guys deserved well thought out writing tips– not some random thought that appears in my mind. I want to give you guys quality content on this blog. Most of you are writers, and so I don’t want to waste your time with shallow tips.
  2. This fall, I am going to be spending a lot of time writing short stories for contest and scholarships. Also I will be writing short essays for scholarships and college applications. Right now posting writing tips is taking away from my time to do this, so I want to solve this problem while keeping up this blog.
  3. I want to emphasize and connect you— my fellow writers and bloggers who follow me and read these post. I want to read your posts and your writing, and I want to create a fun community in a very casually and laid back environment.

So, here is how I decided to accomplish all of those goals:

  • I will keep posting three times a week. I want to keep this blog active 😉
  • However, I will only be posting writing tips on Monday. I am confident that I will be able to post a quality writing tip once a week. I want to put a lot of thought into my writing tips, so once I only have to post one (instead of two) a week, the quality should be better, and I will feel a lot less stressed.
  • Thursday’s post will be pieces of my writing (or occasionally a personal post or an update on my novels.) This is going to serve as my motivation to attack all those contests, scholarships, and application essays which I need to turn in, and a time when I can post a devotional if I feel called to. I know that you guys are very busy and probably are not interested in reading another teen’s narrative prose (or melodramatic essays,) but this post will be more for me than anyone else. Sorry! If this post will bother you, please feel free to unsubscribe; I won’t have any hard feelings 😉
  • The Open Pen posts will continue to happen on Saturday. However, there may be days where instead of doing a normal critique, I will post links to your blog posts that I really loved, ask for you to post link to your favorite writing content on your blogs, or ask a writing question and discuss it with you guys in the comments. There is no obligation to participate, and this has nothing to do with the critique part of Open Pen. This is just for us to connect with each other!

Here is a summary of my new posting schedule

Monday Writing Tips on Write for the King

Thursday Short Stories on Write for the King

Saturday Open Pen on Write for the King

I am really excited about these new changes, and I would love to hear any suggestions and concerns from you guys. Have a marvelous week, and I will see you Saturday for some type of Open Pen post.

God bless,



5 thoughts on “Renovation”

  1. It sounds like a great plan to me. You really should focus on all the writing you need to do and no one should feel bothered that you need to take that time to yourself. I look forward to reading exerts of your work. Good luck!


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