More Editing and More School

In theory, today’s post should include a piece of my writing. In theory.

In reality, this post is neither going to encourage you to write, give you an entertaining piece of writing to read, nor provide you with anything remotely useful. You have been warned. Reading this post is probably a waste of your time. Now, continuing….

My writing work this week has been all editing. Earlier this week, I received up to Chapter 13 of Remember the Crossroads back from my editor. Considering I had only implemented his edits through Chapter 1, I decided that I needed focus on that instead of writing scholarship essays or continuing to write the novel’s sequel, Outside the Sword Bereaves.

I have already posted chapter 1 of Remember the Crossroads on this blog, and I think you can find chapter 2 hiding in some post if you look hard enough. Since chapter 3 includes my first plot twist, I won’t be posting it on this website. In short, I have nothing more to give you from my first novel. Well, actually, I can give you my promo sentence, sales handle, and the back cover summary that I polished up for Remember the Crossroad’s fiction proposal.

Promo Sentence: A teenage soldier just wants to become an elite assassin—only her commander wants her dead.

Sales Handle: Mutated dragon soldiers are not supposed to feel sympathy.

Back Cover Copy: Mar Zaehav fights to become an elite assassin—only she is a teen soldier fighting on the wrong side. As a Livyahak, an elf mutated with dragon wings, Mar was born to fight for Nakavar who seeks to take the throne from the elven King of Evcadeh. None of the Livyahaks can feel sympathy or see color. But Mar escaped Nakavar’s curse, and for this, she must die. Escape and freedom are her only hope, or is her life worth something more?

Yay. That was just thrilling wasn’t it? (Imagine me rolling my eyes right here.) You might even be able to find those exact sentences other places on this blog…. Wait. I’ll check…. Nope, this is new to the blog. Yay! I provided some new content in this post. (Clap for Gabrielle here.) However, I will probably update the Remember the Crossroads page to have those three items instead– when I find the time to do it.

The only other significant update is that I started school this week. Since this was my first week in school, I thought it would be a marvelous idea to cram all the work into a four day week and go for a three day backpacking trip, starting Friday. So instead of having my online class work due Sunday night, I have to turn it in tonight. Brilliant! I couldn’t imagine a better way to start off the school than panicking incoherently.

I apologize for the overdose of sarcasm and the complete lack of valuable content in this post. I just wanted to get something up on my blog today– maybe that wasn’t the best idea, and I am very sorry for wasting your time as I am sure that I did. Maybe I helped you procrastinate. Who knows?

My complaining aside, I am actually extremely excited for this backpacking trip. I get to go up with my dad and my sister (this is her first time), and we are bringing along one of my best friends and her dad! It is going to be a blast. We are bringing wooden swords, s’more making, plenty of hot chocolate, and a working water sanitizing kit this year! I think it will be a significant improvement from our past backpacking trips (water is always good to have, and clean water is even better– just saying.) Also this is going to give me plenty of time to relax, hang out with one of my best friends, bond with my dad and sister, focus on God, and finish building my mind palace.

So I will see you all Monday, but don’t worry: I have an Open Pen post scheduled for Saturday 😉 We have a really fun critique coming up!

Thank you for letting me waste your time!

God bless,



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