Two Tags Now and Two to Come

Hey guys!

It is Thursday, and I am in a state of suspended panic which will soon transform into incoherent panic. (Definition of “suspended panic”: a state in which a human should– by all rights– be panicking but has disconnected himself from the terrifying reality of their situation.) I probably have mentioned “suspended panic” on this blog before, but I will say it again. And this probably won’t be the last time that I talk about it either.

With college applications due in addition to school, I am quite overwhelmed. But I am moving forwards. Yay.

In short, I have been focused on school and applying to colleges and not working on my novels. However, I am waiting on a response from a publisher. So maybe I will have good news soon (but probably not!) I also am about to write a few college essays, so I might post a few here in a couple weeks.

Anyways, I have been nominated for three tags and an award (that I am aware of), and I am finally getting to them. However, I can only get to two today, and unfortunately, I will not be doing them in chronological order. Since I am so busy, I will be doing to two simplest today. Sorry, friends!

First, I have the Dragons Loyalty Award from my friend, Raychel Rose. By the way, Raychel just got published!!! Hopefully, I will have her on the blog soon, but in the meantime, you should definitely checked out her story here. While I can’t testify to the other three stories in the anthology, I can tell you that Raychel’s is amazing. Her writing is beautiful, and her story telling was masterful! Next week, I hope to make a post all about her story, so stay tuned!

Here are the rules of the award:

  1. Announce your win with a post, and link to whomever presented your award.
  2. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  5. Display the award certificate on your website.

So here are seven interesting(ish) things about myself:

  1. I have always had really long hair– as in almost-three-feet long. Yesterday, I cut most of my hair off (because it is more practical this way.) Yes, I have provided pictures.Long hairShort hair
  2. I can turn my feet out so that they go past 180 degrees. Apparently, it has to do with being a breaststroker. Ugh, I should probably include a picture of this, too. Please don’t mind the bad quality. I was too lazy to grab the camera, so I used my webcam.feetfeet2 It is a little bit creepy.
  3. Even though I have only really written fantasy, I love science fiction and historical fiction
  4. I get to vote in the next election…. I GET TO VOTE! I will decide your future…. muhahaha!
  5. I am taking my third year of Biblical Hebrew which is accredited through the same university that ALBERT EINSTEIN graduated from
  6. My Hebrew courses teach almost all the verb forms using the verb “he killed” (qatal). I get a lot of entertainment and pleasure out of this. I killed. He killed. And they killed him. I caused her to be killed. (Yes, in Hebrew, the last sentence is a single word.) I am offically a psychopath. 😉
  7. When I was in kindergarten and first grade, my role model was Tom Sawyer. If Tom did something, then I tried to do it. I will leave this statement here. You can imagine the chaos and regrettable circumstances that ensued.

And I am tagging WriteFury, aberdeentps, and Gemma Fitz! Since I am a rebel, I won’t be tagging 15 people neither will I be putting the picture somewhere on my blog.

Now another tag that I received was the Authorly Bucket List tag by Gemma Fitz. This one looks really fun (along with Writefury’s tag for me– unfortunately, hers required a bit more effort, and I don’t have that much to give right now. I hope you don’t mind waiting another week, Writefury!)

It is really simple. I list three to seven writing related things that I am really bad at. Then I have to list three to seven writing related things that I want to try. Here we go!

My Writing’s Five Fatal Flaws

  1. World building. I love Tolkien, and I will never live up to the example he set. In all honesty, though, I struggle with world building in general– I really need to develop my worlds more, and it is not natural for me.
  2. Writing girly characters. I am a tomboy and an INTJ. I have trouble even comprehending how some feminine women think. I simply don’t feel some of the same things (such as the desire to do hair or put on make-up.) This makes writing complex, interesting, feminine characters hard for me (I am so sorry, Zeroah!)
  3. Writing accents. My good friend and editor, Zane, can testify to this. One of my favorite characters, Baehur, speaks with an accent. Apparently, how I wrote Baehur’s accent sounded like a mix between Swedish and a Texas accent (at least, I think that was how Zane and my mother both described it.) I have no idea what I am doing.
  4. Descriptions. All my favorite authors have very eloquent, descriptive styles. However, descriptions do not come naturally to me. I have to go back and write them in during editing.
  5. Poetry. I really wish that I could write poetry– the meter and condensing of thoughts are so impressive. However, I can’t. I tried to write a poetic prophecy in my fantasy novel, and the best I could get was “this is much better [than your original version], but if you know someone who could write a poem for you, it might be a good idea.” I completely agree with my friend who said that, by the way 😉

My Writing Bucket List:

  1. Write a Sci-fi novel. I already have the premise and some supporting science. I even have a cast set up for it. I love a good sci-fi, and once I finish my fantasy series, I hope to write one of my own.
  2. Write an extensive essay/research paper discussing the many of the social ramifications of macro-evolution. I have a passion for truth and debating. This is one of my favorite topics.
  3. Write a novel will an epic cast. I am using “epic” in the technical sense here: a very large, diverse, and complex cast. I want to write a novel with a cast the size of Les Mis or The Lord of the Rings. I won’t say the size of the Silmarillion– that would be way beyond my skills, but I would love to write a giant cast.
  4. Write about a fictional rebelution. Ever since I read Les Miserables, I would love to write about a group of young people who start a revolution. Will mine be successful? I don’t know yet, but at least, I will have my characters plan it out a bit more. Maybe, I can combine this with my Sci-fi idea.
  5. Write a novel in third person. I really don’t like books written in first person. I don’t like writing in first person. Why am I writing all my novels in first person??? I don’t know, but now I have to be consistent about my point of view for my whole fantasy series. So after this, I am going to write in third person! I can’t wait.

And for this, I am tagging Raychel Rose, Ashley-Anna, and Megan. Like always, if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to!

God bless, and I hope you have a great rest of the week!





20 thoughts on “Two Tags Now and Two to Come”

  1. Awesome answers, Gigi!! Thanks for putting my book link in there and what you had to say, it was so sweet of you. And you cut your hair! Doesn’t it feel lighter? I always have to keep my hair super short, because it’s so thick to take care of. And yes voting!! I’m super excited about this too, so far I’ve meet 3 candidates. Oh and yes writing accents is hard. Hmm… I don’t think I’ll have time to do this tag, but if I do, I’ll try! Thanks for tagging me!


    1. No problem! Hopefully, I will get around to e-mail you this weekend with some ideas.
      It does!!! I really like my hair this short. My natural hair is extremely straight, so it is relatively easy to take care of when it is long. But I think this is so much more practical.
      That is really cool! I have not met any candidates in person, but I am really excited about some of the local candidates in my area (and a few of the presidential candidates.)
      That is fine! I know how busy prep for Nanowrimo can be!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! Of course, you don’t have to do it if you do not want to. That is really cool! Female INTJs are especially rare (we are only 0.8% of the female population), so I get really excited when I find another one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those percentages actually aren’t very accurate, so I wouldn’t go that specific, but they are still useful.


      2. Of course, statistics like that cannot be very accurate (the very nature of trying to quantify personality.) However, the statistics do convey the point: INTJ females are very rare.


  2. So awesome! Your haaaair!!!! For the past several years, since middle school, I guess, I’ve been going through a cycle of growing my hair out and then donating it. 😀 I definitely like how easy short hair is…
    And I’ll be able to vote in the next presidential election. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS????


    1. Thanks! I really like the short hair; I am enjoying it very much. That is really cool. This is only the second time I have donated my hair. Previously, I have always kept it long.
      I know! It is so exciting, but the responsibility is sobering.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So I’m scrolling down, reading your post, when I see the name Megan. I think, “That’s a cool name” 😉 and click it. It takes me to my blog. 😀 I had no idea that I was tagged. I thought it was some other Megan. I’m glad I saw this post! 🙂
    Thanks for tagging me!


  4. I’ve never tried it before, but I can actually do the feet thing, too. I have move my legs to the side at first, though, so it might not count.

    When I say “southern” accent, I mean south eastern, but Texan accents can be very similar.


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