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Open Pen: Gathering a Plethora of Your Blog Posts

Isn’t “plethora” a wonderful word? Honestly, it isn’t very useful: there are a lot simpler and more precise ways to say a “large collection” or an “excessive amount.” But “plethora” just rolls off the tongue so nicely….

Sorry about the ramble…. Anyways, today’s Open Pen post is different from the critiques that we have done in the past. Today, I want to learn more about your favorite writing posts on other blogs and your favorite writing related post on your blog! Let’s share our work with each other and find some awesome new posts!

Share Your Writing Blog

The idea is very simple. Anyone reading this blog posts is invited to post two links in a comment below. One link can be from your own blog (if you have one), and another link can be from another blog that you really love. The rules are simple:

  • Please link to a specific blog post– not a blog in general
  • Make sure that the blog post’s content is clean: no cursing, inappropriate innuendo, etc.
  • The blog posts must be writing related (it can be a writing tip, piece of fiction/excerpt from stories, writing contest, etc.)

By next Saturday, I will have sorted all of the posts into specific writing categories and post all the links together. It is not a requirement that you look at other people’s links, but I know they would appreciate it if you did.

I am excited to see what you guys comment! I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

God bless,


9 thoughts on “Open Pen: Gathering a Plethora of Your Blog Posts”

  1. Love this idea! My favorite place for any and all writing tips is Kingdom Pen (which is now technically a website, but whatever). Any of their articles on writing are great, but here’s an especially meaningful one to me: It’s called “Viewing Your Story as a Form of Art” and how to balance the Christian message and quality writing.

    As for my blog: It’s called “Living vs. Dying and How it Relates to Us Writers.” It examines the dilemma between how much “depressing” stuff to write, as a Christian.


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