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Open Pen: The Plethora of Blog Posts

This week’s Open Pen Post is not a critique. It is an assortment of amazing blog posts about writing from you guys! Last week, I asked you guys to post two links in the comments: a link to a posts about writing from one of your favorite blogs and a link to a post about writing from your own blog. Though only a couple of you commented, the posts that you guys linked to were fantastic!

Here are the links:

Aren’t those fantastic posts? Seriously, you should all check them out (and don’t worry Rachel, I will get around to reading your links soon!)

I think we should do this again, but what do you guys think? I really enjoyed reading your posts, and I found some cool new blogs while I was at it. Should we come up with a name for these types of Open Pen posts? I would love your help!

On an unrelated note: unfortunately, I did not have time to write several blog posts in advance for this next week. As some of you guys know, I will be up hunting with no internet. So I will not be posting at all, until next Monday (not the 19th but the 26th). When I come back, I hope to have a couple of posts (including a writing tip that I am really excited about sharing), and I may be making a few tweaks to my blog!

I hope you all have an excellent week!

God bless,


6 thoughts on “Open Pen: The Plethora of Blog Posts”

  1. Wow, these were all such great posts!! I definitely would like to see more “plethoras of posts”– it’s so great to discover all these awesome blogs. Thanks for doing this!!


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