Open Pen, Plethora of Posts

Open Pen: December’s Posts

This month, I am continuing the “Plethora of Posts”, but this time, I am going to leave it open for the whole month!

December's Plethora of Posts

The way this works is simple:

  • Comment with two links
  • One link can be from your blog (if you have one; if not that is okay, too)
  • The second link must be from someone else’s blog
  • Both links must be writing related (e.g. stories, essays, writing tips, writing inspiration, book review, etc.)
  • Neither links should contain curse word or anything sexual, but (if it is a story) a reasonable amount of violence is fine (I will leave the definition of “reasonable” up to your discretion)

By the last Saturday of the month, I will have read all of the links, sorted them into categories, and make a post with all of the links. So comment below with two links of your choice throughout this month, and on December 26th I will post them all!

The first time I did this, I found a several really helpful posts and amazing blogs, so I thought I would make it a monthly part of Open Pen (the critique community on this blog).

Please note, that you do not have to follow this blog or to have participated in Open Pen previously to submit posts. All you have to do is comment on this post 😉

I am excited to find some more interesting posts! Have a great month and a wonderful Christmas!

God bless,


15 thoughts on “Open Pen: December’s Posts”

  1. Hey, Gabrielle! I just nominated you for a blogger award, and just wanted to let you know! Your writing is always very encouraging/informative/inspiring. 🙂 Thank you,

    For the King,

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