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Devotional: What Scares You?

A couple week ago, I submitted an article for an awesome website, The Rebelution, and it was just posted Friday! If you’d like to check it out, you can at this link: What David, Gideon, and Joan of Arc Taught me about being Scared.

What Scares You?


Occasionally, on this blog, I have mentioned Alex and Brett Haris’ Do Hard Things and their awesome website “The Rebelution“. Their book and blog is all about challenging teenagers to actually do something with their teenage years and act as adults. I would highly recommend their book!

I know that this isn’t my typically Monday post, but I did not want to wait until Thursday to share this with you guys (I am pretty excited about being published on the Rebelution’s website!) So Thursday, I hope to publish a writing tip, but I may not get around to it. (School and all; I know you guys understand.) But I will try to post.

God bless, and I hope you have a great week!



10 thoughts on “Devotional: What Scares You?”

  1. That was a really great, thought provoking article! Sometimes it’s difficult to discover how to best to serve a higher purpose. But if you work on both your strengths and weaknesses you’ll eventually discover your best way to be God’s tool for bringing greatness into the world.


    1. Thank you! The real trick is that it isn’t about how much we work on our strengths and weaknesses at all– it is all about God and His power. Ugh, my stubborn humanness won’t listen to that, though; I want to do something to help God work through me and not just focus on Him and let Him work! Christianity sure isn’t simple.

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