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This Thursday, we have another tag, and it looks interesting and entertaining. Writefury nominated me for this tag, and if you are looking for a fun blog, I would suggest hers!

It would appear that the tag asks me to name my favorite on-screen characters and give a short explanation. Also, I am supposed to rank them so that my favorites are first. Here we go:

Prince Hal/King Henry V

Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1 and 2 and Henry V

Prince’s Hal character transformation was fantastic to read/watch. Shakespeare’s character arc for Prince Hal has really inspired my writing– it is just so perfect, interesting, and satisfying. The character starts out as a rogue prince who keeps very poor company, but even then, you can catch glimpses that Prince Hal is actually very wise and deliberate– even with his debauchery. By the time that he is king, Henry V is a heroic, noble warrior who is willing to make tough moral calls in order to be just.

Leo Fitz

Agents of Shield

Fitz is the one character of Agents of Shield that I have loved from the start (though the others I love now, I did not when the show first started.) He is a nerdy, genius engineer who is joined with Agent Jemma Simmons, a biochemist (seriously, they go together– even the other character refer to them constantly as FitzSimmons.)  He is intensely loyal and defends his position on the team, even though he isn’t a fighter like some of the others. He is extremely funny, and his Scottish accent only makes it better. But be warned: the writers of this show really like to hurt Fitz in every way possible (physical, emotional, mentally, you name it.) If you don’t watch Agents of Shield, watch this quick, spoiler free scene and appreciate Leo Fitz. Or this fan made video to see his relationship with Simmons (the gal who made that one, also made a second video for the second season, but there are major spoilers in that one).

In conclusion, I tend to agree with Hunter about his assessment of Fitz:

Peter Calamy and Lord William Blakeney

Master and Commander

So these two character kind of go together, and I can not choice between either of them. Their friendship is amazing, and both are really admirable. Peter is adventurous and makes a good leader, and Will ends up wanting to be a “fighting botanist.” Also this is one of the few movies that has actually made me cry, and these two play a major role in achieve that.


BBC’s Merlin

This is another character than I love because of her character development. (Spoiler) If you want to know how to properly develop a villain, this is how to do it! (Spoilers over) Her motivation is believable and relatable for the entire series. The combination of her strong stance on morals, ability to handle a sword, powers of manipulation, compassion, fear, and desire to be loved make her an awesome character. And here  are two is a videos for Morgana, too, but be warned, both contains major spoiler for all five seasons: I Could Have Saved Her and Morgana: A Character Study.

Hub and Garth McCann

Second Hand Lions

These two are some of the funniest characters in film that I have ever seen. Yet, at the same, time they are really admirable, and Hub gives a pretty awesome speech about “being a man” (though I don’t agree with some of what he says.) Also they have an epic and tragic backstory that makes them even more interesting.

Danielle de Bardarac

Ever After

I am not the biggest fan of romance in movies and books (this is an understatement), but this retelling of Cinderella is fantastic. The main character, Danielle, is a tomboy at heart: throwing mud at people, beating up her childhood friend, and climbing trees. She is also extremely smart, philosophical, and quotes from Thomas More’s Utopia, but she doesn’t overpower her love interest either. Also one of the evil stepsisters actually is a really cool, sympathetic character. Did I mention that Leonardo de Vinci plays the role of her “fairy godmother”?

So what about you guys? What are your favorite screen character? Anyone with a blog that is suited to this topic is tagged for this post. Just please leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your favorite characters.

God bless,


9 thoughts on “Tag: My Favorite Screen Characters”

  1. Awesome post! 😀 Totally agree with Hub and Garth. Those two… it’s just an amazing story.
    “Hub, home is that way…”
    “Well I wanna go this way!” XD
    Danielle, too! She’s actually really high on my sister’s list. She loves that movie. 🙂


    1. Hub and Garth are fantastic! Any scene with the traveling sales men are hilarious: “Alright, kid. We will see what he’s selling, and then we’ll shoot him!”
      “Corn! Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn. Nothin’ but corn!”
      “Well, I guess they saw us coming.”
      “They saw YOU coming!”


        “Hey you. Yeah, you in the crate!”
        “Who brought me in here? *accusing point* you two?”
        *vehement head shaking*
        And Hub’s introduction line… Just wow.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve absolutely loved Ever After, even as one who doesn’t particularly like romances. I do however, enjoy a good retelling of fairytales, and this one is one of my favorite retellings. Danielle is intellligent and fun and passionate (an INFP, if you’re curious), but, as you mentioned, doesn’t overshadow “Prince Charming” but instead inspires him. She doesn’t play “damsel in distress”, but still play’s the role of the Princess who gets her Happily Ever After, which I love.
    I haven’t seen Second Hand Lions in forever, but I remember loving it. Merlin is a show on my need-to-watch list, especially from all I’ve heard about Morgana (I’m a sucker for good character development). Great post!


    1. I love the balance that Ever After has, too.
      The first season of Merlin is mediocre at best and sometimes pretty poorly done. But the following seasons are fantastic and very sad. Lancelot and Gwaine are pretty awesome character, too, but Morgana’s character development is the best.


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