January: In Review

What happened in January on my blog (Write for the King)?

My Life this Month

  • My life was relatively normal this month, so that was really nice
  • I got accepted into one of my two top picks for college (Yay!)
  • Another college sent me a free book from my favorite author (C. S. Lewis) that I have to read by next month so I can participate in a competition for a scholarship (I have to read a Lewis book, won’t that be terrible? *sarcasm*)
  • Swimming on a high school and year round time (at the same time) has made my life hectic– especially when my asthma medication got messed up (we figured out what was wrong about a week ago, so I should be back to normal in a couple weeks)
  • More school happened, and I survived (so far)

Books I Read

Lord of Chaos (Robert Jordan): I am not sure if I enjoyed this book more or less than the previous book in this series (The Fires of Heaven). It had a whole lot less inappropriate content than the previous book, which I really appreciated, but it was also a bit darker and less thrilling. The main character, the Dragon Reborn (I’m omitting his real name to prevent spoilers), was prophesied since the first book to go mad and, in saving the world, destroy it and everyone close to him. This is the first book that you realize that he is going mad, and he starts destroying stuff. While this fulfillment of the prophecy is extremely well executed, it is dark and sad. My two favorite characters, Moraine and her warder, Lan, played little to no role in this book, and it did not have the same awesome, epic feeling that the previous book in the series had. Even with all of that, I really enjoyed this book, and I am looking forward to the next books! (Also I really hate Mazrim Taim; I agree with “Lewis Therin”– he needs to die.)

The Martian (Andy Weir): With all the hype about this book, I got it for my dad for Christmas (and then I stole it and read it myself.) The science is so cool (and since I am taking AP Chem this year, I found it really interesting), and Mark Watney’s sense of humor is hilarious. The general tone and style of the story is really entertaining, and the themes are inspiring and realistic. However, the cursing is constant. Most chapters contain at least 3 f-words (and the chapters are only a five pages at most), and the other curse words are used excessively. For me the most annoy bit was how Watney only used the s-word to refer to human excrement– and his plans for growing potatoes essentially relied on fertilization, so the s-word appeared dozens of times in many chapters.

The Abolition of Man (C. S. Lewis): (This was the book that that one college sent me.) This short book of C. S. Lewis essentially is about defending absolute morality/traditional morals, and does not focus as much on Christianity. The beginning was a bit slower than many of Lewis’ theological writings that I have read, but as always, Lewis brings up a bunch of really great points that I had never thought about. I found that, by the end of the book, I agreed with him that society actually needs stronger morals and emotions and not so much logic. It was really convicting; in fact, I think I might be one of his “men without chests.” I would highly recommend this book.

An Unpublished Draft: I just start beta-reading an 80k word novel for another teen writer. This is actually my first stab at beta-reading (though I have had other people beta read my novel.) I don’t think that I am allowed to share any information about this novel, but I like the premise and characters, even though I am tearing it to shreds in the critique I am sending back to its author 😛


My Writing

I have finally progressed on editing my first novel, Out of the Curse. I also became horrified when I realized that I actually sent this draft to agents– no wonder they rejected me! Why did I not see all of these mistakes before? So I might be looking for some beta readers this next month. I really just want to start querying agents again, but I know that my novel still need some editing.

For now, I have decided to focus on Out of the Curse and let my uncompleted draft of the second novel sit for a while.

On My Blog

So far, I have posted nine times this month, and with an Open Pen post on Saturday, I will have posted ten! This is the best month I have had in a while, and I am pretty pleased with it.

Awesome Posts that I found

Plans for Next Month

First, I am going to finish up some edits on my first novel and maybe I will finally find a good title! I also plan on continue querying agents, starting once I finish these edits.

Next month, I have a couple fun plans for posting.

I plan on continuing writing about the other two personality types of my five main characters: ESTP and INFP, and I may even do an INTJ post in the same format that I’ve been using for these posts, even though I have technically already written about INTJs on this blog. Of course, I am still researching ESTP and INFP types, so if you are one of those personality types, I would love to hear tips from you (and if you would be willing to read over my post when I write it, that would be fantastic!) You can contact me here.

I also plan on doing some interesting (and hopefully fun) videos about the major themes in my novels. I have never done any video blogging before, so I thought I would try it. And I love discussing ideas and themes, so I thought this could be fun. There will probably be four posts like this (one for each of my planned novels), and they will be posted on Thursday. What do you guys this about this?

So how has your writing been coming alone? Any exciting plans for next month?

God bless,


9 thoughts on “January: In Review”

  1. Can you do a post on how to send your manuscript to editors. I’m at that stage where I’ve edited my manuscript the best I can and I have no idea what to do now. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


    1. Hey, Carmen! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I’ve really appreciated all of your comments, but I’ve been sick with Strep throat for the past week (trying to focus on anything with a 102 fever is almost impossible.)
      Submitting to editors? Do you mean beta-readers? Typically, authors who traditionally publish (aka don’t self publish) editing their manuscript on their own dozens of times, then send it to readers in their targeted genre or writers who are interested in reading it (they are called beta-readers), then do some more editing based on the feedback. Then authors start querying agents. If they get an agent, the agent will hired multiple professional editors for the author, but typically that isn’t the author’s role to find those agents. Of course, you can find editors online who you can pay to edit your book without an agent, but I am not sure how helpful that would be. So are you at the stage that you are looking for beta-readers or agents? Or are you wanting to self-publish, in which case hiring an editor for yourself would be very beneficial?


  2. Hi, this is Carmen. I would first like to say how awesome I think you’re blog is. There is a lot of really good advice on here that I find really useful and insightful. You mentioned in one of your latest post that you had been editing some writing that someone had sent to you. I was wondering if you would be willing to read and edit my first chapter of the book I’m writing. It’s not very long but I would really like a pair of fresh eyes to look over it. I’m at that stage in writing where I’ve perfected my manuscript the best I can and I would like to send it to editors and publishers but I have no idea where to start. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks again,

    Carmen Nieznanski


    1. I would be willing to edit it. Right now I have the last few chapters of Gabrielle’s book to finish editing, but after that I could look over yours.

      Send it to (e-mail address removed by moderator), and I’ll try to get to it before the month is out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you sure that you want your e-mail there? I could send Carmen an e-mail with your e-mail address, so he could contact you. Since I run the website, I can see things that you all cannot. Then you won’t have to put your e-mail there. Let me know, and I can edit your comment to take your e-mail address out.


      2. I would appreciate that. I just couldn’t think of another way to get my email address to him. Thanks.


    2. Hi, again, Carmen!
      I am glad that you are enjoying my blog. I try to make it helpful.
      I’d be happy to read your first chapter (I’m afraid that I can’t do any more with how busy I am, though.) It might take me as much as a month to get around to it though, since I should finish my current beta-reading project before reading your chapter. My friend, Zane (“Olorim” as he comments), is a fantastic editor, and honestly, he would be of a lot of help to you if you want it. Maybe you could send me your chapter after you incorporate Zane’s edits? Then you could build on the feedback.


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