What are Your Favorite Blogging Resources?

 I know this isn’t a typical Monday writing tip, and I am sorry. I am a tired college student, and my original plan for this post fell flat. I started writing a post with some blogging tips and resources, but then I realized that I only had a couple links. I know a lot of my followers have blogs or want to start a blog soon, and I wanted to send some resources their way. So if you have been blogging for a while, would you help me help them out and share some knowledge?
I am looking for some practical, easy tips and links to put into a blog post on March 13th. This will be a collaboration with anyone in the comments, and I will make sure to attribute each tip to whomever suggest it 😉
So how do you find inspiration for blogging? Do you have any tips or resources on blog design? Do you know a great formula for an about page? Where do you find public domain pictures? What do you think is the most important thing to have on a blog (particularly a writing or author blog)? What is the one resource that you keep finding yourself using when you write a blog post? Any tips for social media and spreading the word about your blog?
For example, two of my favorite blogging resources are Gimp and the Hemmingway Editor (I will talk more about these in the collaboration post). So what about you?
I hope you all have a great week, and I am excited to hear about the blogging resources that you use!
God bless,

15 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Blogging Resources?”

  1. For pictures, I often use Unsplash.com. It has an amazing selection of free, high-resolution, beautiful pictures of all sorts of things, and their search function is especially handy. I’ve used it for 2 of my last 3 blog posts, as well as my blog header. 🙂

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  2. I just steal pictures from Pinterest and link them in the caption, haha, or use my own pics. When I’m reading other peoples’ blogs, I find that I retain more information and am more likely to read the entire post if their points are numbered or somehow separated (bullet points, etc.), so I’ve been trying to implement that on my own blog. And as far as “about” pages, I’m sure everyone could talk about themselves for quite a while, but my best advice would be to keep it short and sweet! (Although my own “about” page could probably use a little tweaking there… ha… ha)


    1. Be careful with taking pictures from Pinterest– you are likely infringing on copyrights (even if you link to the pictures). Try Pixabay or Unsplash instead 🙂
      I completely agree with bullet points and shorter about pages. Some bloggers can ramble a bit– I know I tend to.

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  3. I use my own photos mostly, but I when I can’t I use Unsplash. It has so many good pictures! For my last several posts I’ve used the Pixlr editing app to make my featured image – I put the title of the post with my blog address, and it looks really cool. =D
    For inspiration… I mostly just post what I’ve been thinking about lately (unless it’s a poem or something). =P And as far as About pages, I guess my advice would be, don’t try to fit it into somebody else’s mold. If you’re free to be yourself, it’ll come across a lot more personal.


      1. You’re welcome! Although, I do want to add something about the photo editing… I recently discovered Canva, thanks to some friends, and I think I’m going to start using it! It has a learning curve, but I really love all the things you can do with it.


  4. I like to use Grammarly to make sure I don’t goof up in my posts, and as far as inspiration goes, I really don’t have anything but my own logic to lean on. Sometimes I’ll read a post on writing something or other and I’ll see something the blogger failed to cover. Mostly though, I like to look at what other people seem to find helpful and make it my own, but also try to improve its content by answering some of the questions I myself had when reading said post/resource. Just recently I wrote a post on creating characters your reader will remember. It was more encouragement focused, but I intend to write a part two to it to give real tips on how to actually write these characters well. I decided to do this because I am yet to find a post that properly informs a reader of both. So writers, get your inspiration from other writers! And never stop trying to improve.

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    1. I should start using Grammarly then. I make way too many typos.
      That is a great idea! General encouragement and writing theories are good, but it is always best to follow them up with practical, easy to implement tips.


  5. Love GIMP and Hemingway Editor! Other tools I use all the time include Grammarly, Pocket (for saving stories/inspiration to read later), and Buffer (for scheduling tweets). If you need public domain pictures, Unsplash is the best way to go!

    Blog design is more of an iterative process. In fact, I have gone through 4 complete overhauls (over a 1 year period) until I found something I like. But design always follows content. I think the most important thing to have on a blog for an author (or anyone for that matter) is an about/start here page. I like to highlight my most popular posts and give people a reason to subscribe.

    My favorite social media platform right now is Twitter. I just started taking snippets/quotes from my posts and sharing them. People seem to prefer to see a condensed version rather thank click a link.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t hear of Unsplash before, so it is great to have another website for getting pictures. Blog design can be difficult, and I just redid mine as well. You are right that a good about page is very important.
      I tried Twitter, but it just did not work as well for me. I guess it probably was because I am just not a huge fan of consistently posting on social media, but I know it works well for a lot of bloggers!

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