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Guest Post at Kingdom Pen

While I was not able to write a post this weekend, since I was in Chicago on a school trip, one of my articles was recently published on Kingdom Pen, and I thought I would share it with my readers here as well.

Kingdom Pen is a wonderful place for Christian teenagers to find a supportive writing community. As their website says, “Kingdom Pen exists to encourage teens to write well, write purposefully, and to always write for Christ.” Not only does this website offer great articles on writing and publish stories and poems written by teenagers, but they also have an amazing forum with a supportive community. I’d highly recommend that you check out their website if you have not already 🙂

Article: Why It’s Okay to Have Clichés in Your Fantasy Novel

I have posted about cliches frequently on this blog and even one of my most popular posts is on this subject. But since one of my professors remarked that Christianity can be summed up as “kill the dragon; get the girl” and I posted some of Tolkien’s thoughts on faeries stories, I have been thinking more and more about how truth relates to fiction, especially as truth relates to cliches. I know a lot of you are fantasy writers and are working hard to twist cliches, so you might be interested in this article.

I hope your Monday is going well, and I promise we will have a normal, writing post next week 🙂

God bless,



2 thoughts on “Guest Post at Kingdom Pen”

  1. This was really interesting and food for thought (I did check out Kingdom Pen, but since I was ready for a fist-fight three articles in, I’m avoiding. Hence my comment here). I read an article once about the difference between archetypes and stereotypes in characters, which basically said it’s alright, even a good thing, to stick to the archetypes because they are true and we identify with them. It would be helpful if there were different words for telling the truth or using traditional ideas and lazy storytelling, because I think we tend to use the word “cliche” for both and write the first one off with the second. Using “archetype” and “stereotype” has helped me a lot with characters, but I still struggle with other story aspects, so this was something of a wake-up call.
    Anyway, this is actually a very long-winded way of saying thanks 🙂 .


    1. Well, you’re welcome! I am glad this was a “wake up call”– reading Tolkien’s essay was the same for me (so I’d highly suggest you read it, too– it is long but much, much better than my posts).
      Using different words might be useful, but I think archetypes and stereotypes are the same thing with different effects on us. I think, while both might point to some truth, stereotypes are familiar, comfortable, and give us a false impression that we have control and power over an idea. Systematizing has a similar problem. This false sense of familiarity and power over ideas leads to pride and ends up keeping us from actually seeing things as they are and seeing the truth.
      And I went philosophical again. Oh well.
      I don’t agree with everything on KingdomPen, either (but then again, I definitely don’t agree with all of my old posts either), but I think the community and goals are awesome.


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