Survey: Help me Figure out what to put in my Newsletter

This week, I have been working on launching a newsletter for my writing. Unlike my blog which focuses primarily on writing tips, this newsletter will be all about a personal journey to write and publish novels. In short, my blog is written for fellow writers; my newsletter will be written to fellow readers and nerds!

This newsletter will be sent monthly to my email list of subscribers with a quick update on where I am on edits or querying agents, and once I start publishing my novels, I will also be sending exclusive stuff like deleted chapters and special pricing. And the goal is someday to have a novella to send to all of my subscribers. But with all of that said, my newsletter will always be short.

However, I don’t want my newsletter to just be an impersonal update on how publishing is going for me, and that is where you come in!

Before I officially launch my newsletter next week, you can help me decide the content for my newsletter. Part of my reason for creating an email list and sending out a monthly newsletter is to connect better with you guys, and I have set it up so you can reply to my newsletter at any time, and your e-mail will show up in my inbox.

Because I want this newsletter to be about connection, I want to know exactly what you want to find each month in your inbox. So I created a super quick four question survey. The first question asks your name; the second is a multiple choice list, and the last two questions are completely optional. The survey is super, super short– essentially there is only one question that requires thought, and it is multiple choice!

Though the survey is super short, your comments and feedback mean a ton to me as I launch this e-mail list. So please take five minutes and click on the link for me.

Thank you all for supporting me in my writing journey, and I love hanging out with you on this blog. But since most of you are writers, I have to ask: Do you have an email list or send out a newsletter? If so, do you have any tips for me?

Have a great week everyone, and God bless,



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