About My Newsletter: Of Faeries and Prophets

A couple weeks ago, I put together a survey to figure out what you want to see in my newsletter, and now I am officially launching Of Faeries and Prophets. Unlike my blog which is written to my fellow writers, my newsletter is written to my friends, family, and fellow readers. If you would like to know me better, are interested in hearing more about my fantasy projects, or want to join my core supporters, this is the newsletter for you.

Once I month, I will send out an e-mail designed to update you on my writing and spark conversation and thought. Each e-mail has four parts:

  • A short update on my progress with my novels and traditional publishing: I’ll begin with a behind-the-scenes look at what I have been doing that month, and I might include exclusive content from my novels or a story I wrote that month. Once I publish my novels, I will let you know about special discounts or occasionally host giveaways.
  • Two things that inspired me: The first will be a link to an article that I found interesting and would love to engage in a conversation about (it may or may not be about writing– it could be anything that I found interesting or challenging). The second will be something random and not written such as a song, painting, set of pictures, or something else that inspired me that month.
  • A one paragraph book review: Each month, I will pick my favorite book that I read and give a short review about what I thought and if I would recommend it to you.
  • A fun poll: The last part of my newsletter will be a light-hearted poll about your reading habits, maybe asking about your favorite types of characters, favorite mythological creature, or whether you prefer chosen ones or anti-heroes. I’ll also share the consensus from the last month.

The reason I’m starting this newsletter isn’t just for me to tell you about my writing. I want you to join me on the journey, and I want to engage with you! So while anyone can email me at any time (see my Contact Me page), I’ve designed my newsletter to spark conversation and invite you to chat with me. I have set it up so that you can reply to the email at any time and your reply will go straight into my inbox. Now, I must warn you– I can be very slow responding (even my best friends have waited months for my reply), but I really enjoy talking with you guys, and I will respond eventually. Your support and friendship mean a ton to me, and this is just a way for us to “hang out” at bit more.

So would you like to join my email list and sign up for my newsletter? You can sign up at this link:

Sign up for my Newsletter

You have probably already seen a pop up on my blog inviting you to sign up. Don’t worry– it will only appear once. But if you decide later that you want to receive my newsletter, you can find sign up links at the bottom of each page, on the Contact Me page, and at the end of some posts.

Before I go, I want to share why I chose to call my newsletter Of Faeries and Prophets.

“Faeries” seems obvious– I am a fantasy writer after all, but I want to share why I love the fae and fantasy so much. Both of my favorite fantasy authors, J.R.R. Tolkien and George MacDonald, talk about how fantasy makes the physical world reflect deep truths about nature and the world. But one of my favorite quotes on fantasy and truth comes from a modern author and fellow Christian YA writer:

As for “prophets”, last year I read some works by Flannery O’Connor and learned about what she believed about writing and God. She has this remarkable quote where she talks about how the true purpose of Old Testament prophets was to bring repentance and mercy– to reveal sin as sin and grace as grace. O’Connor saw her calling as a Christian fiction writer to be the same, and her story center around revealing sin and showing surprising acts of grace. While her stories may be a lot more violent and stark that Tolkien’s and MacDonalds, I think her stories are just as powerful.

In my writing, I want to write faerie stories with the passion, fearlessness, and controversy of a prophet that reveals truth, but I have a long journey to get there.  And that journey is what this newsletter, Of Faeries and Prophets, is all about.

God bless,


2 thoughts on “About My Newsletter: Of Faeries and Prophets”

  1. Hi Gabielle,

    Wonderful naming and explanation here! When will you start to issue the first?

    (And were you able to get my message?)


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