Beta Readers for Out of the Curse

This summer, I went through another round of edits on my novel, Out of the Curse, based on my first round of beta readers’ feedback. I developed major characters, rewrote a prophecy, sped up my plot, and reworked themes. But before I start copy edits, I would love to double check a couple things with a few beta readers.

Novel Information

Tentative Title: Out of the Curse

Genre: Young Adult Christian High Fantasy

Length: 87,000 words

Pitch: Mutant dragon soldiers are not supposed to be prophets.

Description: Mar Zaehav fights to become an elite assassin—only she is a teenage foot soldier fighting on the wrong side. As a Livyahak, a creature mutated with dragon wings, Mar was born to fight for Nakavar who seeks to destroy the native races of the land. Nakavar cursed the Livyahaks, preventing them from feeling emotions or seeing color. But Mar escaped Nakavar’s curse, and for this, she must die. Escape and freedom are her only hope, or is her life worth something more?

*Content Disclaimers: No sexual content, No swearing, Moderate violence including torture while I do not consider myself graphic I do describe wounds and fight scenes

Link to First Chapter

Beta Reader Information

I am looking for 2-3 beta readers. Ideally, I would like you to meet these requirements. But it means a lot to me that anyone is willing to take the time to read my novel and offer feedback, so if you are interested and don’t meet everything below, ask anyways.

  • First-time reader of this novel
  • Over the age of 16 (My targeted audience– somewhat negotiable)
  • Able to provide feedback by September 30th (somewhat negotiable)

As for type of feedback, I am looking for feedback on world building, characters, and plot. Preferably, I would like a couple paragraphs of feedback on each chapter and major character with no in text comments. I’d also love feedback on themes and world building, and I can provide a list of questions if it would be helpful.


This time around, I am ready to send out my manuscript right now (Anyone remember last time when it took me three months after asking for beta readers? So yes, I can learn from my mistakes. Shocking, I know.) If you are interested in being a beta reader, you can comment below or email me at writefortheking@gmail.com. Thank you so much for your time and interest in my writing– whether it is my writing tips or my novels.

I hope you all have a great week, and I will have a writing tip for you next week.

God bless,



12 thoughts on “Beta Readers for Out of the Curse”

  1. I wish I could read this–it sounds great! I’m really tempted, but my schedule is about to change big time, and I don’t want to commit and then never get around to it. Best of luck finding betas though!

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  2. I would love to beta read your manuscript! I’ve never beta read before, but I’d say I’m very experienced critiquing stories (as I can’t help but pick apart every book I read and every movie I see. 😛 ) My only hesitation is that summer is ending and I’ve got one more year if college coming up, but at this point I feel pretty confident that I could meet the Sept 30th deadline.

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  3. I would LOVE to read your novel. I’m fairly confident that I can make the September deadline. I’m currently finishing up beta reading for someone else so I might not be able to start reading until the beginning of September. 😀

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  4. Hey Gabrielle. This doesn’t have anything to do with Beta reading so I am sorry to get off topic here. 🙂 I just had a quick question, and I remembered that you might not see it if I emailed it to you…
    Have you ever written any posts that focus on symbolism in writing?
    Thanks and God Bless,


    1. Hey, Lindsi! I always love hearing from you. I do see the stuff you email– I just have so many emails that it is harder to reply to any of them.
      Unfortunately, I don’t think I have ever written a post dedicated to the symbolism. I have one about 3 Types of Quirks, and I think that comes the closest. What questions did you have? I can’t promise I will answer quickly, but I’ll see if my next post (whenever that happens) will be about symbolism!
      God bless,


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