Where to Find Literary Agents

So you’ve finished your book and you want to publish it the traditional way. Now what?

You need a literary agent, but how do you find one? The process isn’t as easy as it might sound, so here are the three best ways to find a literary agent.

1. In the acknowledgements sections of books similar to yours

Part of being a good writer is to be a good reader. While reading any genre of book is good, you need to be reading recently published books in your genre. This is beneficial for multiple reasons, but it is especially helpful for finding literary agents. Often an author will thank their agent in the acknowledgements section, and there is an agent who already takes books similar to yours! A quick Google search of the agent’s name can put you in contact with them. And there you go! The cheapest, easiest way to find a literary agent.

2. At writing conferences

Literary agents go to writing conferences looking for new writers to sign, and being able to make a personal connection with them goes a long way. Literary agents are more likely to sign someone they’ve met than someone they’ve only emailed. Because of these two reasons, going to writing conferences is typically the most recommended way to find a literary agent. However, finances and travel are limiting for a lot of writers. So while this may be the surest way to get a literary agent, the acknowledgement section technique is a lot more accessible.

3. With an online search

Finally, if you can’t go to a writer’s conference and are having no luck reading the acknowledgement section, you can search online for literary agents. Unfortunately, this is trickier than a simple Google search. Here are several websites that have databases for you to search:

Have you ever looked for a literary agent? Do you think that you will or do you plan to self publish?

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