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Five Ways to Include God in Your Writing

Today a friend asked me, "How can I include God in my writing?" It is a very important question for Christian writers to wrest with, and a question that a lot of young Christian writers ask. So here are five ways to include God in your writing. 1. Start with a question of faith Christian… Continue reading Five Ways to Include God in Your Writing

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Literary Agents 101

Navigating the publishing world can be difficult, but in this wonderful age of the internet, all the information you need for traditional publishing is available. It is just a matter of finding it. So here is a quick post about what literary agents are and why they are used. While they are not required for… Continue reading Literary Agents 101

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4 Ways to Create Wonder in Fantasy

What creates a sense of wonder in fantasy? Guest Post by Tabitha Driver “The true fairytale is, to my mind, very like the sonata….if two or three men sat down to write each what the sonata meant to him, what approximation to definite idea would be the result? Little enough…” George MacDonald writes in "The… Continue reading 4 Ways to Create Wonder in Fantasy