Novel: Out of the Curse

~ Mar Zaehav’s Story ~

Dragon soldiers are not supposed to be prophets.

As a teenage soldier raised to fight for a rebel leader, Mar Zaehav believes freedom is the greatest good, but when a sacrifice changes her life, she discovers something worth even more.

This is just an experimental cover which I made for my second book. If I get published, I will not use it, but it works for now!

Out of the Curse is my first novel in my series, The Stories of Nokri’ah. It is a Young Adult High Fantasy with an underlying Christian allegory. Currently, my manuscript is 87,000 words and has twenty chapters.


Mar Zaehav fights to become an elite assassin—only she is a teenage foot soldier fighting on the wrong side. As a Livyahak, a creature mutated with dragon wings, Mar was born to fight for a fae who seeks to destroy the native races of the land. Nakavar cursed the Livyahaks, preventing them from feeling emotions or seeing color. But Mar escaped the curse, and for this, she must die. Escape and freedom are her only hope, or is her life worth something more?

Extras from the novel:

Read the Full First Chapter

Link to my Pinterest board of pictures of my characters

Update on this Novel

As of August 2022, I am looking for a final group of beta readers to do copy edits.

21 thoughts on “Novel: Out of the Curse”

  1. So I was listening to music on YouTube while doing my school today, and the picture for one of the songs I came across featured a person that looked like a black haired Livyahak. Here’s the url for where it appears in the video:


    1. Okaaaayyy… I didn’t expect it to embed the entire video….. It’s from 24:30-28:15 (approximately).


    2. Thanks for showing me that, Zane! Her expression really does remind me of a Livyahak, but Livyahak wings (while the ones is the picture are the right shape) are more like enhanced bat wings– thick and leathery.
      It is weird how it posts the whole video in the comments, but I don’t mind– and on the upside, I found some new music to listen to while doing school and writing 😉


      1. Yeah, I forgot about the leatheriness, and also, on closer inspection, it looks like they might be either tiny and just attached to her head for show, or poorly drawn. Whichever you prefer.

        That band is my favorite orchestral band, aside from Trans Siberian Orchestra, which I have a hard time knowing whether to actually call them orchestral.


    1. I used the Lord of the Rings doll maker (because most of my characters are elves and I wanted pointed ears), but the Game of Thrones doll maker is also very good with a slightly different style (and no pointed ears).


  2. Hello, I recently stumbled on your blog, thanks to pinterest, and it is definitely going to the top of my must follow list.
    I am also looking forward to reading your novels. I can tell your putting a lot of creativity and effort into them.
    It’s always encouraging to find a writer dedicated to Christ. I’ve been struggling with that myself and the verse you chose, psalm 45:1, is just what I needed to hear.
    Keep up the good work and God Bless!


    1. Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying my blog and my novel excerpts and such.
      Psalm 45:1 was a big encouragement to me, too. It was really great to find a verse specific for us writers!
      God bless you, too!


  3. Hmmm… Okay… Before few years I made my character. She’s reaaaaly like yours. She is a half-elf, an assassin and she has red dragon wings… By the way, she has fire color hair and forest green eyes, but when I need to create her in some kind of games I make her hair in red color. But there is a difference: she has a companion, small dragon, which is with her from the birth… So… I thought my character is the only one… But whatever. You know what? Our characters are different in the inside ^_^


    1. Strange. There are a couple other difference, from what I can tell. My character actually isn’t an assassin– she is just the average foot soldier. Also I added fangs to the end of the dragons wings, but the similarities are interesting. Hopefully, their personalities are completely different.
      Good luck with your story!


  4. I came across your blog on fainting and found it interesting. As an author I appreciate these sorts of things.Keep up the writing! i am also a homeschooling mom and am always telling my kids to write more. So glad that there are Christian teens out there writing! By the time you are mya ge you could be the next Tolkien!


  5. I stumbled on this blog through Pinterest…this is really neat Gabrielle! You seem like a super neat person and I love your heart for Jesus! I really like how you added your stats on your book. How did you create that?


  6. Madam you should join writers unite! group on facebook. There are around 17,000 writers in this group and we all help each other. I have been its member for long time and I will be honored if you join it too.


  7. That’s amazing! I’m beginning my own fantasy series… my third *sobs*. Anyway, that’s awesome [i struggled to change the word structure from the first sentence for variety but failed, obviously].
    God bless you and your writing.


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