Writing Tips

ESFP Characters: Writing Tips

In my research, I have found that, more than any other personality type, ESFPs are stereotyped. For writers, this makes writing complicated, well developed ESFP characters rather difficult. So here is an overview of the ESFP personality type to help writers. If you are wondering how Myers Briggs Personal Types can help writers, you can… Continue reading ESFP Characters: Writing Tips

Writing Tips

12 Easy Ways to Develop Interesting Minor Characters

Interesting minor characters can enhance the realism and world building of a novel and even become fan favorites (such as Boba Fett from Star Wars or Agent Coulson from the Marvel movies.) But developing minor characters can take lots of time-- time that frankly can be spent better elsewhere on more central aspects to your story.… Continue reading 12 Easy Ways to Develop Interesting Minor Characters

Open Pen, Plethora of Posts

Open Pen: December’s Plethora of Posts

Today's Open Pen Post is an assortment of amazing blog posts about writing from you! Last month, a bunch of you commented with two links about writing: one link to a posts about writing from one of your favorite blogs and one link to a post about writing from your own blog. I know that it has taken me… Continue reading Open Pen: December’s Plethora of Posts