Novel: Untitled (Arkeh’s Story)

~ Arkeh’s Story ~

Trapped in the middle of an oncoming war, Arkeh must decide whether she will desert the nation she was born to rule or abandon the prophecy her best friend died to protect.

This is just an experimental cover with a rejected title which I made for my second novel. 

 This untitled work is my second novel in The Stories of Nokri’ah. It is a Young Adult Epic Fantasy with an underlying Christian allegory. Though I started writing this manuscript, I am taking a break to focus on the first novel, but I estimate this novel to be around 19 chapters.


Since her birth, Arkeh’s mother had kept her and her twin brother, safely away from their father, the arrogant King of the Makhaedracs, in an endeavor to raise her children to follow the God Bara whom her husband has abandoned. As the two twins reach maturity, the older son choses to bid his family farewell and become a knight of the mortal king who still follows Bara. Years past and nothing is heard from her twin. So following in her brother’s footsteps, Arkeh leaves her mother to become a knight of the Mortal King.
Even as she arrives at the gate of the mortal’s palace, Arkeh discovers a terrible truth. Filled with hurt and anger, Arkeh learns about an uneducated farm boy who is the heir to a mortal prophecy which she, too, has a role in. But now, her estranged father is demanding her back, having learned about the traitorous actions of his twin heirs. Will Arkeh desert the nation she was born to rule or abandon the prophecy her friend died to protect?

Extras from the novel:

Link to my Pinterest board of pictures of my characters


Update on the Novel:

For now, progress on this novel has been paused to edit Out of the Curse.


50000 / 125000 words


8 / 19 Chapters


1 thought on “Novel: Untitled (Arkeh’s Story)”

  1. Hello Gabrielle! This is Emily. I am so impressed and so proud of you and how dedicated you are to your writing. Keep glorifying God and never stop doing what you love!!


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