My Writing

At the moment, I am primarily focused on writing a Christian fantasy series of four books. On this page, you can find a few fun things: like character information, Pinterest links, excerpts, etc. Or if you want to read about my two novels in progress, you can click here: Out of the Curse and Title-less Second Novel.

I hope you enjoy them, and I would love to hear your comments on the pieces!

My characters


Mar Zaehav's Pinterest page


Mar Zaehav

Mar is a Livyahak, an Eshaem elf mutated with dragon wings, and she just wants to rise to a commanding position in Nakavar’s rebel army. Unlike the other Livyahaks, Mar feels sympathy (and loves to draw), and if Nakavar finds out out, she will die.

Character Interview

Pinterest Board (or you can click on the picture)

Writing ISTJ Characters

Baehur's Pinterest page



Baehur is a Shama’aem elf who grew up on a rural farm with his family. Loving to laugh and be around people, He is delighted to serve his King, Malekh, in the fight against Nakavar. But will his innocence be lost as he strives to lose his uneducated ways become a proper knight?

Character Interview

Pinterest Board (again, you can also click on the picture)

Writing ESFP Characters

Click on the picture or the link to the right to view the Pinterest board I made for this character.



The daughter of the Eshaem king, Arkeh is extremely smart and well training in the art of war, though she trusts no one with her weakness. In order to be with her older brother, she sneaks off to fight for the Shama’aem king, Malekh, without her father’s knowledge.

Character Interview

Pinterest Board (or you can click on the picture)

Writing the INTJ Female and Writing INTJ Characters

Raewas' Pinterest page



A Mayimaem elf, Raewas’ history is a mystery, covered by his lies. All that is known is that he was accepted as a knight of Malekh when some knights passed through his home town. Though Raewas bullies Baehur, it is clear through Raewas’ highly emotional antics that something else is going on.

Character Interview

Pinterest Board

Writing ESTP Characters

Zeroah's Pinterest page



Born to a retarded mother, Zeroah is half Etsaem elf and half Shama’aem elf, though she was raised in one of the Etsaem military training towns. Lacking social skills and raised as a slave, Zeroah wishes that she could share her life with someone else and become accepted in society.

As of now, I have not done a character interview with her, but I hope to have one soon

Pinterest Board

Writing INFP Characters


General Extras

Link to a general Pinterest Board filled with pictures of my characters (This is different from the individual boards linked to above and has a wider variety of characters)

A short story about my three main villains 

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