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Welcome to my blog, Write for the King! I am glad you stopped by, and I just wanted to let you know about what you will find on this blog. The best way for me to tell you what is on this blog is for me to show you its four purposes:

First, this blog is for the glorification of God. This means that every post I write will be coming from my Christian worldview, and I will be signing every post with “God bless.” I honestly can’t do anything less. Naturally, I am a terrible person, and it is Jesus Christ who rescued me, adopted me, and is embracing me as I am. It is through Him that I even survive each day. Because of this, all of my posts are written from a Christian perspective and with the goal of glorifying my God, and my favorite posts to write are about the ethics of stories.

Also, this blog was made to post writing tips. As I grow as a writer, I have to research and have discovered many tricks. I wanted to share these with my fellow writers.

The third reason is to connect writers in a friendly community. As a young writer, I know how awesome it can be to be surrounded by others like you, so this blog is geared especially to young writers. However, any more mature writers are more than welcome and even needed! To facilitate this community, I encourage you guys to comment, guest post, and send me messages. The biggest part of the community is “Open Pen.” Open Pen is an opportunity to be critiqued by other writers on this blog. I try to post a critique every Friday (if I have one). If you want more information you can click on this post or the submissions page or up in my tabs at the top of my website. Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a long break from writing and blogging, and I am just now coming back. Open Pen will be closed for submissions until I start posting consistently and start making progress again on my books.

The final reason for this blog is so that I can share my writing journey and pieces of my work. I am a young writer, as I mentioned before, and I am currently pursuing traditional publishing for my first novel. As I work towards becoming published, I love to share my journey with you on this blog– but don’t worry, I really try to limit these types of posts 😉 If you want to hear more about me or my writing, you can:

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