Another Posting Update

Two weeks ago, I decided that Mondays would be my “personal” post day. However, last week, I quickly found out that rambling on about myself and my life is definitely not my style. I promised that I would still post Monday, but that I needed to find out a new posting theme. 

So I finally decided: Mondays are going to be the day when I post a bit of my own writing. Perhaps I will post an (interesting) essay I wrote– don’t worry, though; I won’t bore you with a literary analysis essay 😉  I hope to do some interviews with my character starting next week where you can vote for your favorite at the end! Or I might post a short story that goes along with my novels. It really could be anything. 

However, today, I am posting about Ten Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Them— mainly because I was supposed to post that several days ago… So I (hopefully) will have an extra post with Tuesday or Wednesday with a piece of my writing. 

Also for those of you wondering how my agent search is going: I’ve gotten nowhere. I did not hear back from the two agents I queried about four weeks ago, and I have not queried any others. Unfortunately, I’ve been really busy, but hopefully, I will be able to send off another letter soon.

God bless,



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