A New Development in my Writing

I have some good news! This weekend, I was contacted by a company which is interested in publishing my novel!

Of course, they only asked for more information about my novel and a few other things which I will have to put together for them in the next couple days. So this is in the very first stages of our contact, and there is a good chance that they will decide that they are not interested in my novel after all. Moreover, I am still querying agents and seeking out God’s guidance on what I should do– so I might even be the one to choose a different direction. It all depends, but I know that God will guide me in the way that He wants me to take.

Now, please don’t take this wrong and think that I am guaranteed to be published! It is very probable that this won’t work out. They just want to hear more about my novel (which is really nice to hear– for once!) 😉

The reason that I am telling you guys this is because I am going to be very busy for the next few days. I have to put together a synopsis for the second book in my series along with doing some final checks over my first novel. Also I really want to get serious and send out a good number of queries to literary agents in the next week. (Also I have a huge final for one of my college classes that I have to take Tuesday– so I have several other things which I need to focus on! I may or may not be doomed…)

This means that I will not be posting for at least a week– maybe more. However, I would love to put up some guest posts if any of you are interested and have the time 😉 You can let me know on the Contact Me page. When I come back, I will be continuing my world building series and I will also be posting 15 things that I love about writing (as I was nominated by my friend Raychel Rose and didn’t notice it until yesterday– oops!)

Thank you for your patience, and I would appreciate any prayers if you think of me!

God bless,



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