Coming Back, a Couple of Essays, and Recorded Poems

Clearly, I’ve been negligent with this blog for the past month or so, and unfortunately, I’ve ignored my writing for that period, too. I have not enjoyed it, but I really had to focus on school. However, last Friday, I finished my two online AP classes (Literature and Composition and World History), so I am back to posting and writing! Yay!

I really don’t have anything to show for World History. Honestly, it felt like most of it was review—a really condensed and intense review, but a review nevertheless. But here are my two favorite essays which I wrote this year for my literature and composition class. Both are about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (seriously, I had no idea how much I would love that book! This year, I also found out that I love Hamlet and Crime and Punishment.)

In the first one, I analyzed one of my favorite passages, and the second is actually a critical dialogue where I was responding to an essay by a literary critic. Honestly, I’m not sure if you would enjoy reading these—it’s not like I am an established literary critic with insightful comments, or this is a fun narrative piece! But here they are anyways 😉

Prose Analysis: Infatuated with Knowledge

Critical Dialogue: The Hope of Theistic Vitalism

In my literature class, I also got to do some fun recorded performances of several poems. Below I’ve put my second recorded performance when I recited “The Destruction of Sennacherib,” “To Lucasta, Going to the Wars,” and “Fire and Ice.” I’ve also included an extra credit performance I did where I got to recite Tolkien’s “Lament for Boromir” which is sung in the book by Aragorn and Legolas. I had a lot of fun doing these, so I thought I would include them here 😉

Finally, I am happy to say that I will be back to blogging on a normal schedule (posting Monday, Thursday, and possibly Saturday, too.) This next week, I have a couple of posts planned. My classmate, Grace, nominated me for this Infinity Awards thing, so I will be doing that first. Also I am almost finished with my last character interview (for now) and a third post about writing characters from your own personal experience.

As for my writing, I am hopefully going to finish my edits on Child of the Curse and my detailed plot for Daughter of the Flame before the end of June and get a major chunk of querying done. So that way, I can do Camp Nanowrimo in July and finish my first draft of Daughter of the Flame.

Thanks for being patient with me over this past month—actually, that excludes my little sister who asked me every single day why I was not posting: you, sis, are not patient at all. 😉 But I am back and looking forwards to writing again!

God bless,



2 thoughts on “Coming Back, a Couple of Essays, and Recorded Poems”

  1. Finding your blog post today was a treat … I missed your writing and am delighted you’re back! The poems you recited were powerful, all of them. I must confess, however, to loving Boromir’s lament best; you really brought it to life.What an excellent presentation of those four poems, Gigi. Praying for you always, follow your calling – MB


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