Open Pen, Plethora of Posts

Open Pen: December’s Plethora of Posts

Today’s Open Pen Post is an assortment of amazing blog posts about writing from youLast month, a bunch of you commented with two links about writing: one link to a posts about writing from one of your favorite blogs and one link to a post about writing from your own blog.

I know that it has taken me longer than I had hoped to post them, but I wanted to make sure to read every post that you linked to. I enjoyed reading all of them, and I hope you do, too!

Links with Writing Tips

Links with Stories

If you would like to share your favorite writing posts, this month, you can over here at this link: January’s Posts.

So what were your favorite links that we posted? Did you find any cool new blogs?

God bless,


4 thoughts on “Open Pen: December’s Plethora of Posts”

  1. Thank you for posting my link and my other recommended link. 🙂
    Is a one time only submission or could I participate again in the future?
    Thanks once again! 🙂


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